Tuesday, August 27, 2013

One of a kind music

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How can you be unique? Does being unique mean you don't look like anyone? You don't dress the way other people do? You don't do what others would commonly do? How about when it comes to music, how can you be considered unique? Do you need to buy banjos for sale at guitar center and learn how to play a banjo? Is that enough?

Why do we want to be considered unique, anyway? Does being unique mean being great? For me, it takes more than being different to be great. Sure, it can be one of the contributing factors, but it isn't enough.

Anyway, I'm getting out of topic here. What would you consider as one of a kind music?


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Anybody else here on Goodreads? If you're a book lover, then this site is a must! If you've got a favorite book, you can find recommendations here by other users which are similar to it. Or if you want to look for it yourself, you can just browse through the book synopsis available here. I think every book that's ever been published is featured in this site. Yes, I did tell you. It's super helpful for all book lovers!

Cluttered desktop

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My computer desktop has been really cluttered lately. Yes, at times I do get some burst of inspiration to organize my files, but most of the time, especially when I'm busy, I just save my files wherever is most convenient for me. I probably need to clean my pc soon. By that, I mean right now. Haha.

How about you? How are your file organization skills? I really need to develop mine soon. That is, I need to make sure my files are always organized even when I'm busy and in a hurry.


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I'm a sucker for happy ever afters. Whether it be books or movies, I'd rather pick up something that's sure to make me warm and happy while reading or watching it. I read books and watch movies to have fun, so naturally, that's what I expect to get.

I can still read or watch books and movies with more serious themes, though. It depends on my mood. If I'm up for it, then yes, I'll read it. As for stories with HEAs, those are sure to satisfy my reading craving anytime! :)
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