Sunday, June 17, 2012

Make up?

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Someone once told me that I should try putting on make-up, even just a little of it. Believe me, I also want try using make-up. The problem is, I don't know why. Yes, you heard that right. A twentysomething girl who doesn't know how to put on make-up. I can do the basics, though (I think) - like putting on some lipstick, a bit of eyeshadow. That's about it. I don't know anything about eyeliners, lining my eyebrows, and all those other make-up necessities

I don't even know what air brush make up is. Haha. Is it really weird of me to not know these things? I don't know why I haven't tried to learn them. It's not like I don't like wearing make up.

Hmm, I should probably start watching those 'How to Put On Make-up' Youtube videos online! Maybe it's time for me to be a girly girl. :)


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I've laid out all these plans in my head - about things that I want to do, when to carry them, and how I can go about in achieving them. Yes, it feels good to have a goal - something that will keep you striving and moving forward. But occasionally, I find myself wondering if I can really push through with my plans? Are they realistic or am I just setting myself up for disappointment?

I don't mean to discourage myself or anyone who's reading this entry now (who might be feeling the same way). I know I can get where I want to be through patience and hard work. It's just hard to not think about these things sometimes.

Okay, back to positive thinking, then! I can do this! :)

Glasses or contacts?

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I should be wearing glasses. The problem is, I just don't feel comfortable whenever I wear them. I know, it just takes getting used to, but still, it's hard to go about your normal business when you feel a bit distracted so I often go without them.

What do you think about eyeglasses? Do you like wearing them or would you prefer to wear contacts? I haven't tried the latter, but it looks like it'll be even more uncomfortable to wear than eyeglasses. Have you tried wearing them? How does it feel?

Anyway, have you ever tried wearing glasses just because you wanted to see how you look like wearing them? I tried it before when I was a kid! Haha.

Can't wait for Vampire Diaries Season 4!

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Yes, I have finally caught up with the series! I finished watching the season finale of season 3 earlier, and now I can't stop wondering about what's going to happen in the next season.

That's still months away, though, so I need to find a new series to get occupied with. Any recommendations aside from New Girl and How I Met Your Mother? :)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Weight management... again.

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Sorry. I know I always talk about wanting to lose weight, but have never been able to do it very effectively. It's just so hard to stick with a diet plan! This time, though, I think I'll be off to a good start!

On top of trying to lose weight, I'm also cutting down on my food expenses... which means, the less food I buy, the less calories I consume, the less weight I gain, right? That's why, this time, I have a good feeling that my plan will be effective. :)

Our weighing balance ran out of battery, though, so I can't monitor my weight fluctuations yet. I hope I haven't gained much!

Here's to hoping that my weight loss + saving up plans push through!

Holidays = LOVE

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Who doesn't love holidays? That feeling of not having to go to work or school and being free to laze about all day doing whatever it is you want to do - that's just priceless! I dare you to disagree. Haha.

Also, holidays give me a chance to catch up on some of the TV shows that I've been meaning to watch.

All right then, Vampire Diaries, here I come. I've waited so long for you, so you better be good! :)

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Starting a web site?

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Are you planning on starting a web site soon? Then, you better prepare and read all about it first. When I first started blogging, I was a bit overwhelmed. I didn't know anything about blog marketing and all that other blogging technical terms. All I know was that I wanted to write and that I wanted people to read what I write.
It didn't matter much to me if my blog was popular or not. I wanted people to come to my blog, but that is, if they're interested in what I have to say. Haha.

If you're thinking of starting your own site, you can always use a free web site creator. There are a lot of those available in the internet. Once you know more about web design, you can tweak your site or even make a new one using your own skills.

I've been blogging for about three years, but I still know only a little about the technical aspects of blogging. I just continue to post blog entries. Haha. I'll try to learn some blogging tricks, though, to improve this blog's design. :)

Rock of Ages!

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I can't wait to see Rock of Ages! I think it's going to be awesome. Imagine, Tom Cruise singing? I haven't heard that before, so that'll be something else. Haha.

There are so many good movies this year! This is bad for my savings. Haha.

New wardrobe?

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I want a new set of clothes! I'm kind of getting tired of wearing pants and shirts. Yes, they're comfortable, but they're not very fashionable, right? I've never been called fashionable before, but it'll be nice to give it a try. Haha.

However, every time I hear the sound of barcode scanners when I make a purchase, I can't help but feel a little bit guilty for how much I'm spending on things that I don't really need that much. I shouldn't think like that, though. I mean, clothing is a basic necessity, after all.

I'll try to spend as little as possible, anyway. I still want to save up for those amazing vacation trips that I want! :)

Any suggestions for my new wardrobe?

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Hair color again?

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I need to have my hair colored again. The problem is, it would be kind of expensive I go to the salon to have it colored. I'm thinking of buying one of those hair color products, instead. Have you tried using one of those? Is it effective?

I might give it a try! :)
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