Sunday, January 29, 2012

Do you have chickens?

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If you currently have chickens in your backyard or if you're thinking of getting some, then you need to consider buying chicken coops for your yard. That way, you're sure that they're housed in steady materials. Before seeing the site, I had no idea that there were different kinds of chicken coops - you get to choose from among a variety of designs!

So, who among you plans to buy these chicken coops? Share with me what type of coops you plan to buy! I think you'll like all the designs that are available. They're all pretty neat. :)

Mushy things

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Sometimes I wish I could just write about anything that I want to on this blog. By that, I mean mushy things like what I'm feeling at the moment - if I'm overjoyed about something that someone I like did or said to me. Well, since a lot of people I know have access to this blog, I can't really do that, especially if I want to keep certain things private. Haha.

Maybe I could start a private journal online, where only I, and selected close friends, can read my blog entries. Sounds like a plan, huh? Yeah, maybe I'll do that when I have enough free time. :)

Monday, January 23, 2012

Quality lighting

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Getting quality lighting is very important - whether it be at home, school, or work. The reason behind that is pretty self-explanatory, right? Anyway, even if you're using high quality metal switch plate covers, that wouldn't really matter much if the lighting itself isn't good.

If you want to keep your vision healthy, make sure that you have adequate lighting, especially when you're reading something or using your computers. You don't want to unnecessarily add to the strain in your eyes by using faulty lighting, right?

Aside from that, wear eyeglasses (if you have any) and don't forget to rest your eyes for a bit from time to time! :)

Car repair?

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Although I don't have a car, I have an idea of how hard and expensive it is to maintain one. You'd have to make sure that it's clean and more importantly, in good working condition. That's why if you're looking for car and rv repair services, you should look for those who provide the best quality services!

How would you know if the car repair service can be trusted, anyway? Hmm, talking to their past customers would definitely help. If they only have nice things to say about the services that the company has provided for them, then you should definitely try going to them for your car repair! However, if you've heard a lot of negative reviews about the company, then it would do you well to look for another company for your needed car repair service.

Dear Lee Min Ho

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Have you ever not looked this absolutely gorgeous and adorable? Because I don't think that's possible! Seriously, I just can't imagine it! Even when he's covered with dirt and mud or dripping wet from the rain, he'll still be as hot and hunky as he is. Haha.

I'll fight with anyone who dares to contradict me on this. Kidding. Haha.

Anyway, excuse me for this fangirling episode. i guess I've just been watching too many City Hunter episodes. :)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Looking for extra income?

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I'm sure most - if not all - of us wouldn't mind getting some extra income to supplement our daily needs and wants. There are several things that you can do to earn some extra cash. You can try doing some part time jobs (try looking for Technical Writer Jobs) or maybe start a small business, one that wouldn't need a big capital.

Any other suggestions on how to get extra income? Feel free to share it here! It'll be of great help to me and to anyone else who's reading this. Haha.

Anyway, I hope I can find the time to pursue these extra-income making ways!

What is your favorite motto?

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I've always found it hard to answer this particular question? Why? I know several, but I can't really say that I believe in a particular motto, enough so that I would always try to abide by it. That's why whenever this question pops up in a slumbook that my friend wants me to answer, I always feel that I'm giving a halfhearted answer by writing down whatever motto that comes to my mind at that moment. Haha.

Am I the only one who feels this way? I don't know if I'm just analyzing things too much or if it's something that everyone else thinks about too. Any thoughts on this? :)
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