Sunday, October 2, 2011

Layout update?

Posted by austenfan at 10/02/2011 07:43:00 PM
What do you think of the black, white, and pink-colored layout? I'm still loving it, but whenever I see the more feminine-looking templates of the other blogs out there, I find myself wanting to change mine into a more girly one too! Still, this blog's current template is pretty cute too so I might decide to keep it.

Another reason why I'm hesitating whether I should change my layout or not is my anxiety for the possible (?) disappearance of my widgets. I'm not that savvy when it comes to designing and tweaking templates so I guess I'm going to have to do more research on that before I change my layout. I've heard that there's a new way for a blog template to be changed without deleting the widgets, but I'm not sure how to do it.

Anyway, you'll know when I decide to change my layout! Don't forget to tell me your thoughts about it!


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