Sunday, October 23, 2011

How my blog looked like before

Posted by austenfan at 10/23/2011 01:12:00 PM
I decided to look up my blog statistics in Alexa earlier. While I was browsing through the site, I saw one of their features wherein you can see how your blog looked like in the past. I saw this blog's template two years ago and realized that I really missed how it used to look back then. If you haven't seen it before, here's how it looked:

Isn't it cute?

So, I tried to revert to the same layout earlier. However, if I do that, I would have to re-install all my widgets here and that would just take too much time and effort. I'll have to postpone changing my layout till I have enough free time, I guess.

By the way, this Alexa tool is called the Wayback Machine. Try it too if you're feeling nostalgic and want to bring back old blog memories!


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