Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Gossip Girl spoilers?

Posted by austenfan at 9/14/2011 10:01:00 PM
Who's excited for the new season of Gossip Girl? I know I am! I guess I should rephrase that question to "Who isn't excited?" Haha. Yeah, yeah, I know, not all the people I know watches Gossip Girl, but just let me enjoy this moment of giddiness for the upcoming season, okay?

So, there are a lot of spoilers on the net already, and although I'm excited to know more about what happens next, there's still a part of me that doesn't want to read too much of them. Why? I want to be surprised with what the writers have cooked up for the fans!

And what about Blair Waldorf's very confusing love life? Well... I'm on Team Dan right now, but that might still change once the show airs. :)


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