Sunday, August 21, 2011

Mobile banking: Is it safe?

Posted by austenfan at 8/21/2011 03:20:00 PM
I've tried online banking, and I must say that despite my initial security concerns about using it, it's turning out to be pretty convenient and secure so far. After all, these companies would have made sure that they've added strict security measures for their clients, right?

Mobile banking, though, is an altogether different scenario. First, let me just say that I absolutely have no idea how it works, so what I say here might be (a lot) erroneous. I'm not sure of the exact reason why I'm hesitant to try it. Maybe it's because I know how easily a mobile phone could be misplaced or stolen. And then, what happens? Someone else can get access to your bank accounts? Again, I'm not sure how it works so I'm only assuming here. Feel free to correct me anytime.

Anyone out there who has tried mobile banking before? How was the experience? Will you recommend it to everyone else as a service that is safe to use?


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