Sunday, July 10, 2011

Book disappointments

Posted by austenfan at 7/10/2011 07:48:00 PM
What you want to happen in a particular story doesn't always happen. There are times that the plot goes in the complete opposite way of how you imagined it should be. That's what happened to a book I read just a few days ago. No, I won't tell you the title and author of the book (although I think I did tweet about it then - I couldn't hold back my sentiment!) since I hate giving out spoilers.

We can't really do anything about those disappointments when it comes to book series and authors that we have come to love. After all, it's only inevitable that they'll come up with a book that is less than their usual standard. You just have to accept the author's decision and not take it that hard. I'm sorry if I'm sounding too exaggerated right now, that's just how I get when it comes to books. Haha.

After reading books like these, all I wanna do is do something light and fun. I would read the latest gossips, look for jewelry fashion trends for moms, or even read another book! Of course, that next book that I'll pick up needs to be sweet and romantic! Yeah, anything for me to forget my disappointment over that last book.


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