Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Stress, go away, please!

Posted by austenfan at 5/31/2011 01:07:00 AM
I've been working overtime for over two weeks now, and as you can guess, the results aren't pretty. I'm developing dark circles under my eyes. My face looks so pale. And now, I have cold and cough. Hopefully, after tomorrow, the workload will be lessened so I'll have more time to rest and of course, update my blogs!

Due to my being busy last week, I haven't yet made a blog entry on the epic night I had last Monday. Yep, you know what that is - Maroon 5 Live in Manila! Just thinking about it brings a huge smile to my face already. I can't wait to write about the amazing time I had at the concert. Stay tuned for that! I'll either post it here or on my other blog, Where I Fangirl. Either way, you'll get to read it and get to know how much fun I had that night. By the way, any fellow Maroon 5 fans here?


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