Friday, May 20, 2011


Posted by austenfan at 5/20/2011 12:02:00 AM
I'm not the fashion-conscious type (although most of the time, I think I should be). I just wear whatever I think looks good and whatever makes me feel comfortable while wearing it. After all, if I'm going to wear it the whole day, it might as well not be itchy and too tight/loose, right? Sometimes, though, I feel that I don't have any kind of fashion sense at all.

At times, I can't decide if the colors of the clothes that I'm wearing match or clash. When that happens, I just go with my instinct to decide which clothes to wear. It's a good thing that nowadays, we have the internet to rely on to stay updated in the current trends in the fashion world. All you have to do is to type either "new and beautiful dresses" and "shoes womens trends" to know the latest styles in clothes and shoes. Before, you'd have to buy fashion magazines if you're clueless about fashion and really eager to learn more about it. Now, just type in some keywords and your search engine can give you news and pictures of the latest fashion tips! Isn't that great? Although I'm not really into fashion, I still have to say that learning something about fashion from the internet is quite useful and fun.

To you fashion lovers out there, any tips you'd care to add? :)


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