Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Stress, go away, please!

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I've been working overtime for over two weeks now, and as you can guess, the results aren't pretty. I'm developing dark circles under my eyes. My face looks so pale. And now, I have cold and cough. Hopefully, after tomorrow, the workload will be lessened so I'll have more time to rest and of course, update my blogs!

Due to my being busy last week, I haven't yet made a blog entry on the epic night I had last Monday. Yep, you know what that is - Maroon 5 Live in Manila! Just thinking about it brings a huge smile to my face already. I can't wait to write about the amazing time I had at the concert. Stay tuned for that! I'll either post it here or on my other blog, Where I Fangirl. Either way, you'll get to read it and get to know how much fun I had that night. By the way, any fellow Maroon 5 fans here?

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Turning into a workaholic

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These past week have been really tiring and stressful for me. I've been in the office for way more than the required working hours for more than a week now. Sad, right? But no, I don't think I'm a workaholic... yet. It just so happened that I really have to go beyond the normal work hours. Does that make sense or am I just in denial? Haha.

Anyway, these late nights haven't really been good to my health. I've had the cold for a couple of days now and I think little zits are beginning to pop up on my face now, what with all the stress and lack of sleep I've been experiencing. It's a good thing that they're not so severe that I would have to treat it with a natural acne remedy. By the way, I almost forgot to mention that I still have work on Saturday, which means even my weekends are starting to get cut short by work! Waaah. Please don't tell me I'm turning into a workaholic!

Hope the next weeks at work will be less tiring and stressful! Meanwhile, I have to get some sleep now (since I'll still be working tomorrow). I'll post more updates next time!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

It's Monday again.

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Most of the time, it's frustrating how short weekends can be. They're the only times when I get to rest from the long and tiring week at work, so I guess everyone can relate with me here in one way or another.

During these times, I recall the days just after my passing the licensure exam when I was one of the people who were trying to find jobs that would perfectly suit them. Don't get me wrong. I'm happy that I'm working now, but sometimes I miss staying at home and just lounging around the house all day. Haha. I know I'm not alone in saying this! :) Well, that's reality for you. People have to work to be able to get by. Someday, though, maybe I can put up my own business and be able to manage my working hours, right? But that's a long way ahead. I've got to work hard first to make that happen soon!

Now, let me get back to my Maroon 5 playlist marathon. Adam Levine, I'll see you tomorrow! :)

Friday, May 20, 2011


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I'm not the fashion-conscious type (although most of the time, I think I should be). I just wear whatever I think looks good and whatever makes me feel comfortable while wearing it. After all, if I'm going to wear it the whole day, it might as well not be itchy and too tight/loose, right? Sometimes, though, I feel that I don't have any kind of fashion sense at all.

At times, I can't decide if the colors of the clothes that I'm wearing match or clash. When that happens, I just go with my instinct to decide which clothes to wear. It's a good thing that nowadays, we have the internet to rely on to stay updated in the current trends in the fashion world. All you have to do is to type either "new and beautiful dresses" and "shoes womens trends" to know the latest styles in clothes and shoes. Before, you'd have to buy fashion magazines if you're clueless about fashion and really eager to learn more about it. Now, just type in some keywords and your search engine can give you news and pictures of the latest fashion tips! Isn't that great? Although I'm not really into fashion, I still have to say that learning something about fashion from the internet is quite useful and fun.

To you fashion lovers out there, any tips you'd care to add? :)

Monday, May 16, 2011

Must increase my sleeping hours

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As I was listening to the radio earlier, I heard this discussion between two reporters about the merits of sleeping early. Of course, we all know that it's better for our health to get enough sleeping time - that is, at least 8 hours of sleep.

I learned earlier, though, that the best time for sleeping is between 11PM and 3AM. According to them, this time gives you the most restful sleep to help you feel more energized as you wake up. Now, I frequently sleep later than 11PM, and seeing how easily I get tired and sleepy everyday, I'd say that this information is definitely true.

That's why, starting today, I'm going to do my best to sleep earlier than usual. It's time to take better care of my health. I know I've said this before, but there's no harm in saying it again. Haha. Okay, I guess it's time to stop surfing around the internet and start sleeping now. You should too! :)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Bought new domains!

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Earlier, I got a little impulsive and decided to buy two new domains! Actually, it wasn't really a spur of the moment decision. I've been thinking of setting up a new blog for weeks. I just didn't expect that I would be deciding to start more than one blog. But since I already went ahead and paid for the domain, I might as well make the most out of it. I'm gonna do my best to update those two blogs regularly (once they're up!).

Hopefully, these new blogs will help my blogging career to grow more. Yes, I'm starting to take blogging more seriously. It has been such a fulfilling endeavor so in return, I also want to give it my best. :)

Wanna start blogging too? Then go and start your own blog! Anyone can do it, it doesn't matter whether you're a student or a Texas Workplace Injury Attorney - as long as you have the passion to write and express your thoughts, then you can be a blogger too! I can guarantee that you'll love it!

Managing my finances

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Now that I'm part of the working class, I think it's time for me to get more organized when it comes to managing my finances. For the past months, I tried to record all my expenses and earnings regularly, but sometimes (especially when I'm really busy), I forget to take note of where my cash goes daily.

To help me with my budget, I'm going to have to make use of an Excel spreadsheet wherein I can tabulate my cash flow. I know it sounds a bit extreme, but if I really want to get organized, then there's no better way to do it, right? Plus, it saves me from the task of manually writing down and computing my expenses.

Alright, I hope this method works in helping me check how much I spend regularly, which I can use in turn to find ways to save more!

Celebrity houses are so grand!

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Have you ever seen an episode of MTV Cribs or just browsed some magazines featuring celebrity houses? Aren't they just fabulous? Whenever I see pictures of their houses, all I can think of is "Wow! They earn that much?" I know that celebrity life is very luxurious, but I still have a hard time imagining that in just a couple of years, they'd already be able to invest on their respective houses.

Sometimes, it makes me think that I should just try and become a celebrity myself. Just imagine, jumping onto the olympic-sized pool at your home whenever you feel like cooling off or strolling around the gardens filled with colorful flowers and bird baths! But then I remember that I don't really have the looks nor the talent to make it in showbiz. Haha.

So this is just me, telling you how much I love looking at pictures of celebrity houses (no matter how jealous I get over it). If you have yet to see one,then just grab a copy of a local magazine that features them and see for yourself how beautiful their homes are!

Ever tried online shopping?

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Sure, I've bought things online, but those are the stuff that can only be bought online. By that, I mean things like domains, hosting plans, and other things that I need when it comes to blogging. Hmm, I think I also bought a Twilight shirt from a Multiply site before, and then met up with the shop owner to claim the shirt.

I haven't tried purchasing something through a credit card (not that I have any) and then having it shipped to my home, although I very much wanted to. Why? Because the prices are so much lower at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. The one thing that refrains me from doing so is the shipping part. Not only does it cost a lot (even greater than the actual cost of what I want to buy), I don't even know if it the product will arrive at my doorstep safely. Have you tried buying something from Amazon before? Someone sent me a package bought from Amazon before and I had to claim it at the post office. Thankfully, I was able to get it in good condition. However, that package just contained a book, so there's really no reason for it to get damaged or lost. What if I were to have a gadget like a phone or a camera shipped, though? Will I still be able to get it in good and working condition?

Have you tried buying gadgets from Amazon? Do share your experience, please!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

How to be more gutsy?

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In this post, you will not find me giving out tips on how to be gutsy because I'm not very gutsy either. Instead, I'm just going to talk about how very shy and timid I can be and hope that whoever is reading this can help me out and give me some advice on how to be more courageous. :)

Let me tell you scenarios in which I wished I had more guts:

1. I would really like to wear shorts and skirts outside the house. Why don't I do just that, right? Well, my legs aren't really what you'd call ideal. Actually, they're kind of larger than the average - a no-no for any girl. Yep, I need to have more guts when it comes to fashion. I don't think I even have the guts to wear camouflage lingerie underneath the clothes that I wear!

2. I've never tried the Space Shuttle ride at Enchanted Kingdom. My fears are justified, though, since I heard that there has been an occurrence wherein the ride stopped while passengers were on it. I'm not sure about this though, it's just something I heard from somewhere.

3. Sometimes, I have a hard time voicing out my thoughts, especially if I'm unsure about their validity.

You see, having some more guts can definitely help me be more assertive and have a stronger personality. So, anyone care to share some tips on how to be more gutsy?

Silog meals for breakfast

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In case you're not familiar with -silog meals, the word actually stands for both fried rice and egg. It's taken with either strips of beef, pork, hotdog, or any other type of food that will taste good with the egg and rice combination. They're considered as breakfast meals, although no one's stopping you from consuming them during whatever part of the day it is!

Lately, I haven't had the opportunity to eat complete meals for breakfast such as these. My work starts so early in the morning, and since I live far away from the office, I have to get up at a much earlier time than usual. Mostly, I just eat enough food to give me some bit of energy boost for the day. I could eat more but during the early mornings, I'm still too sleepy to work up a proper appetite! I might even need to look for some of the best creatine supplements just to give me the energy that I get deprived of from not eating a hearty breakfast meal! That's why when I get to the office, I immediately feel pangs of hunger and try to see if I managed to bring some cookies to munch on.

Hmm, wonder what I could do to raise my appetite during the mornings? Maybe I should do some bit of workout after I get up, get tired, and then eat some yummy breakfast, what do you think?

Thursday, May 12, 2011

A Blogger's Confession

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Although I don't like it, I know that some people may think that bloggers are just wannabe writers who doesn't have the guts or the ability to have their work published elsewhere. While a part of that may be true, there's still this little bit of hurt whenever I wonder if people might be thinking about bloggers that way.

Bloggers might say whatever is on their mind without censoring the not-so-pleasant details, but they do so not to get some attention, rather, they do it because their blogs are the only mediums with which they can freely express their thoughts.

Nowadays, a lot of rewarding opportunities are available for bloggers. They can get free passes to a movie, get invited to different social events, and earn cash through their blogs. Sounds fun and easy, right? If you agree with me, then let me tell you this: It's not. Blogging takes a lot of hard work and patience. Some of us spend hours just looking for the perfect template to complete our blog's appearance. Others (like me) make it a point that I get to blog even on the times that I'm just so sleepy that I feel my eyelids slowly dropping. Not that I'm complaining, though, since I love what I'm doing anyway! :)

If you share the same kind of enthusiasm and passion for writing, then why not create a blog to start honing your skills (and get to enjoy the perks of being a blogger too!)?

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Make your presence heard!

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During times like these when everyone seems to be hooked into getting in touch with the online world, it is important for any business venture to make their online presence heard too. Why? It's a sure way to promote any product or service to the millions of people who log in to the internet everyday.

Setting up a business website takes a lot of planning and preparation. Some of the foremost things you need to consider are your domain name and where you should host your blog. Thinking of a good domain name is pretty easy once you know the purpose of your website. As for the latter, you have to make sure that you get the best web hosting there is, if you want your site to not have a lot of downtime so that more people would be able to view it. There are a lot of different web hosting sites that offer good hosting services at reasonable prices, so it shouldn't be too hard to select your new web host. However, if you want to try using managed hosting and colocation, then maybe you should try out Superb.net. From what I can see from their site, their services look professional and reliable, so you might want to check the site too.

If you want to know more about web hosting, just post a comment here and I'll do my best to answer your queries. Bear in mind, though, that my knowledge on hosting isn't very extensive either, so I won't be able to answer your highly technical web hosting questions. :)

Havaianas flip flops, I miss you!

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Back in college, I used to wear flip flops all the time. Why? Well, because they're so comfortable to wear! You can wear flip flops, walk around the whole day, and not feel as much pain as when you decide to wear some other type of shoes. Plus, they're easy to put on and take off.

Now that I'm working, I've switched from flip flops to more formal flats and other closed shoes. I can't exactly wear flip flops to the office, right? That's why the only times that I can wear flip flops now are when I go on trips - to the beach or any other place that involves a lot of hiking and walking.

One of the most popular flip flop brands is Havaianas. They've got this assortment of styles and colors and flip flops that are just drool-worthy. And now, they're launching a new line of footwear - rain boots! Sounds interesting, right? Just watch the video below and see for yourself how funky and stylish rain boots could be!

Friday, May 6, 2011


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Have you ever felt excited and happy, yet anxious and apprehensive, all at the same time? I have - a lot of times, actually. It can happen due to several reasons, but the way I'm feeling right now has something to do with feelings that you get when you begin to like somebody. And by that, I mean really, really like somebody. :)

The last time I felt like this was way back my second year in college. That's more or less five years ago, I think. As I grew older and more mature, I started to realize that these kinda childish feelings of getting so elated whenever you happen to see your crush will start fading away. Well, guess what? They have, but not so much that I don't feel (even a bit) happy when I see someone that I really like. Sure, gone are those days when I can't help but feel so giggly when whoever I like talks to me, but deep inside, there's still that tiny feeling of happiness. I still feel happy whenever that someone talks to me, or even looks at me. I'm sure you've all felt the same way.

If you're not a fan of reading these fluffy stories, then I apologize for this fluff-filled entry. But if you enjoyed it, then come on, share some more of these love-or-crush-related stories!

Monday, May 2, 2011


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As I've said before, I want to try buying and trading stocks as a sort of investment. I know some people who have been successful in making extra money by way of stock exchange, so it's probably pretty effective as a means of money making. Recently though, I've heard that the price of gold has been steadily increasing, so if you have any, then you should probably sell gold at goldfellow.com. That is, if that piece of gold isn't of any sentimental value to you. :)

What other passive income sources can you recommend? Preferably, something that wouldn't require too much time. After all, it is termed as passive income, right? It also shouldn't take too much effort as I'm busy with work as well. If you have any suggestions, then you can leave a comment here!
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