Monday, April 4, 2011

Because I like writing

Posted by austenfan at 4/04/2011 09:16:00 PM
I don't know when it started. Maybe it's about the time when I read a blog and felt how sincere the writer's words were. Maybe it started when I began reading feature articles from newspapers and magazines. Maybe it even started when I was asked to write an essay during high school. I don't know when and how I first started loving to write, but I know that it has become a big part of me now.

Although I know my writing grammar isn't always correct, the thing is, I don't really give it that much thought. I mean, of course I want what I write to be free of grammatical and spelling errors, but I don't obsess over them. I just write about anything I want in the best way that I know how. From what I know, my grammar seems to be okay, but I could be wrong. That's why I'm always open to comments and criticisms when it comes to my writing. I know that I'm no expert when it comes to the English language. I don't even know much about writing styles, having taken up a course not related whatsoever to communication or journalism during college. If something feels good to me, I just continue to write about it. And hopefully, whoever is reading it at that moment will not focus merely on the grammar, but on the content as well.


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