Sunday, March 20, 2011


Posted by austenfan at 3/20/2011 09:13:00 PM
We just got back from our mini-vacation! By "mini", I mean just one night and two days. That's what you get when you can't afford to be absent from work the next day after the weekend. Haha.

I didn't take a lot of pictures since I just tagged along with my friend who had this awesome DSLR camera. I know I said before that I'm not planning on buying a DSLR camera any time soon, but when I saw the shots that were taken from it, I can't help but wonder if I should get one for myself (even if I don't have the cash for it). :) But seriously, seeing the beautiful pictures taken from the camera inspires me to go and study photography too!

This trip made me realize that the term "vacation trip" doesn't really get its full meaning until you get to show pictures from the trip. It's almost like you take these trips just so you can have pictures to show for it. Well, not really, but you have to admit that pictures are a big part of these trips. Haha.


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