Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Reading less

Posted by austenfan at 3/30/2011 09:38:00 PM
Do you ever get the feeling that you aren't good at something as you used to be? Well, I feel a bit like that. I think it has to do with the fact that I don't read as much as I do back when I was a student. When the board exam was over, I felt happy and relieved that I was free from all that nonstop reading and studying. Now that I'm working, I've learned that my earlier sentiment wasn't really true. It really is true that learning never stops. :)

Since I don't read academic books as much as I used to before, I feel like my capacity to memorize things have been decreasing. I don't remember things that I've learned as easily as I have done so before. I'm not really sure if this has anything to do with age or my daily diet or the distractions around me that prevent me from focusing on the subject at hand. Haha. Anyway, the cold temperature around the office doesn't help either. It's a good thing the place is quiet and clean (so clean that we wouldn't need an air cleaner), which helps me concentrate more, despite the other factors that distract me so. But still, I think I'm going to have to change my diet and increase my intake of good-for-the-memory foods so that I can improve on my memorizing skills.

How about you? Any tips on how to get a (close to) photographic memory?


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