Sunday, March 6, 2011

BIG GG Spoiler!

Posted by austenfan at 3/06/2011 09:02:00 PM
I'm sorry if you're watching the show but haven't been up-to-date so far, but I just have to talk about this! By this, I mean...

image is not mine and was taken from the www

Yep, I'm talking about Dan and Blair, also known as Dair. I'm sorry, but even though I was a Chuck/Blair fan initially, I just love seeing Dair together that I'm really not excited to see Chuck come back to Blair (again). I mean, (Chair fans, forgive me for this) they're starting to look boring together, right? Well, compared to seeing Dan and Blair banter away. :) And how cruel were the GG production team to just end the scene there when they're going to be on a seven week hiatus? Anyway, I hope they continue building up this Dair storyline. I know their fanbase is getting bigger and bigger!


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