Thursday, March 31, 2011

Fast food cravings!

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Ever since I decided to seriously start trying to lose weight, I tried my best to keep myself from eating at fast food restaurants. I'm sure you know why - fast food is full of all kinds of artificial and fattening ingredients, which we all know is not good for our health.

Once I stayed away from fast food, using trustworthy digital scales, I was able to see positive results on my weight loss plan. That served as a credible proof on the things that I've heard about fast food's unhealthy effects.

But of course, there are times when we can't just avoid eating on-the-go meals. It's not like we have a lot of free time to cook and prepare our meals everyday, right? When that happens, often, our next best choice is to go to a nearby fast food restaurant and purchase some of our tried and tested meals to save time and effort.

This is what's happening to me currently. I'm eating more and more in fast food restaurants, hence, I'm gaining weight bit by bit. Not good, right? I know, I know, I need to start eating healthier food again!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Reading less

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Do you ever get the feeling that you aren't good at something as you used to be? Well, I feel a bit like that. I think it has to do with the fact that I don't read as much as I do back when I was a student. When the board exam was over, I felt happy and relieved that I was free from all that nonstop reading and studying. Now that I'm working, I've learned that my earlier sentiment wasn't really true. It really is true that learning never stops. :)

Since I don't read academic books as much as I used to before, I feel like my capacity to memorize things have been decreasing. I don't remember things that I've learned as easily as I have done so before. I'm not really sure if this has anything to do with age or my daily diet or the distractions around me that prevent me from focusing on the subject at hand. Haha. Anyway, the cold temperature around the office doesn't help either. It's a good thing the place is quiet and clean (so clean that we wouldn't need an air cleaner), which helps me concentrate more, despite the other factors that distract me so. But still, I think I'm going to have to change my diet and increase my intake of good-for-the-memory foods so that I can improve on my memorizing skills.

How about you? Any tips on how to get a (close to) photographic memory?

Movies I'm planning to watch!

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Don't be surprised if you see my list containing movies that have long been shown at theaters before. That's just how behind I am! I know, my lack of movie knowledge is pathetic, but the cause is a combination of being busy and not having enough cash to buy movie tickets. :) Actually, it's more of I'm staying away from spending too much so I don't really like going out to the malls to see movies or be tempted to buy anything else from the shops.

Anyway, here's my movies-to-see list:

1. Tangled - Everyone seems to like it, so I'm a bit positive that I will like it too. Plus, I love fairy tales!

2. 3 Idiots - Almost all of my batchmates have seen this. I need to watch it too!

3. Kimi Ni Todoke - Yes, I saw that this anime series has a movie! Even though I haven't finished watching the series yet, I'll be sure to watch this movie once I'm finished with the series. :)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I need a vacation!

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I know I've just had a vacation about a week ago, but I'm having this urge to go on a trip again. When I say trip, it doesn't have to be a hundred miles away or so. I just want to relax for a little while and go to a place where I can lounge around and not feel stressed. Of course, going somewhere exciting would be fun too. It would be nice to go a place where I've never been before and just walk along, while wearing my Backpacking Boots, and take in the scenery around me.

I was actually supposed to go on a trip with my friends, but the good employee that I am, I chose to not be absent from work and refrained from going with them (no matter how much I wanted to). That makes me sound like such a workaholic, which isn't really true - I just can't afford to take a leave from work right now. :)

But once I have more cash and free time, I'd definitely go on a trip to somewhere new and fun! I need it not only for the new experience, but also to get some much needed relief from stress! Alright, I gotta save, save, save! :)

Monday, March 28, 2011

How to know you're starting to mature?

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I'm noticing a lot of changes in me lately. Yes, I'm guessing this is what they call maturity. If you think you're maturing too, then read the following and tell me if you've experienced them too!

1. I'm starting to care less about my wants and more about my needs. While before, I can't seem to resist buying things that I really want (like books), now I can manage to go inside a bookstore, just browse at the titles, and not buy anything at all. Of course, this can also be due to my not having enough cash to spare on books (which are getting expensive!).

2. I'm starting to think more about my future. I want to be able to put up a business, something that can be another source of income.

3. I'm getting really thrifty nowadays. I think twice, even thrice, before spending my money on something that I don't really need.

Whoa, I'm really starting to sound all grown-up now. How about you? Are you experiencing these too? Have you also started thinking about the future (like getting a health insurance or a term life insurance)? Have you been saving up your money and not buying unnecessary things as well? Then, you'll probably agree with me that these are signs of maturity, right? Or is it just that I'm becoming really, really money-wise these days?

Dear blog, you need a makeover.

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Seriously, this blog really needs to have a makeover soon. I'm getting tired of its look already. I need something new - something vibrant, preferably! Just look at the text font and size. I'm sure it doesn't look inviting to read at all. Sometimes, I even have a hard time trying to read my own blog entry because of the really small font.

I've been talking about getting a new layout for ages, but still haven't had the time to do so. It's just that whenever I put my mind to looking for a new one, I discover something new to read or watch. Haha. I'll probably be able to look for one during the weekend, but I definitely wouldn't mind getting help on where to get those pretty templates! And maybe some HTM/codeL tutorials too? :)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Happy for my friends!

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As we all know, a lot of people have been taking up nursing degrees lately. Yes, it can really pay off once you've gained enough experience. However, it's a bit hard to get that experience, what with the limited number of available jobs and the unemployed nurses that are looking for them.

That's why I feel glad whenever I hear that one of my friends has managed to land a nursing job at a hospital. I'm happy that she'll finally be able to practice her degree and get the experience that she needs. Honestly, if I had the time and the money, I wouldn't mind getting an online nursing degree. After all, I'm sure it can help me a lot if I decide that I want to take a higher-paying job or even if I just want to learn more about practical medical cures and procedures. Actually, this concept of having an online nursing degree is still a bit new to me. Do you know anyone who has tried it? Are online classes really effective? I've been hearing a lot about it and how celebrities have been taking it up to be able to finish their studies, but I haven't the faintest idea how it works. Do they have teachers that they talk to online or are there just manuals that they can use to self study?

Anyway, congratulations to all the registered nurses out there who refuse to take the easy way out and continues to search for that job of your dreams! And even if you've decided to take on another career path, still, as long as you love what you're doing, I'm sure you'll do great!

I think I need a credit card.

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Getting a credit card has never been part of my plans. I always thought that it was the source of wastefulness and overspending. If you've read the Shopaholic series and how Becky Bloomwood went through all the stores using her credit card, I'm sure you'll feel the same way. It's better to pay with cash, with money - be it bills, coins, or even gold coins - that you actually have.

Then, I saw from a friends wall post on FB that she just booked 3 round-trip tickets for less than a thousand pesos through Cebu Pacific's promo sale. Naturally, it made me decide to check out Cebu Pacific's site immediately and see if I can manage to book tickets too. Once I arrived on their website, I saw that yes, they were really having this amazing promo for flight tickets. Then, I remembered that I don't have any idea on how I'm gonna pay for it. So, I immediately looked for any payment information that I can find from their site. Well, guess what? They accept Visa and Mastercard. And I have neither.

The promo's only going to last until tomorrow, so I guess, I have to wait for the next one before I can avail those discounted tickets! Hopefully, I'll have a credit card by then. Actually, I still need to think about that more. I need to weigh out the pros and cons of having a credit card first before I decide to get one. Anyway, if you already have one, don't pass this incredible promo up!

This is cute!

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Lots of people on Facebook have been gushing about this anime/manga for months now, so I decided to see for myself what the fuss was all about. It's Kimi ni Todoke (I'm not sure what it's English translation is) and it basically has a high school love story type of plotline.

Now, I'm a sucker for this type of stories. Give me anything sweet and mushy and I'm guaranteed to fall in love with it (as long as it's not so over the top that it becomes irritating). I'm onto the 5th episode right now, and I can say that it is a pretty cute show. I can (sometimes) relate to the female lead, since I also have this tendency to be shy around people who aren't that close to me. Of course, not as shy as Sawako (the female lead) is.

I'll blog about it more if I find it to be really worthy to watch, but you should go ahead and see it too if you're into this type of story!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Health conscious, I am?

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When I was in my last semester in college, I started worrying about how to manage my weight. I was beginning to not fit into most of my clothes, so I'm sure you'll understand where my sudden motivation for a healthier diet stemmed from. Back then, I started looking at the "Nutrition Facts" section of every packaged food that I bought. I started preferring the fat or low free brands versus the regular ones, no matter how tasteless they can be.

Leaving my dorm life, I can say that I've grown more health conscious and less fast food dependent. Of course, I can't really say that I've stopped eating foods that are not "all-natural". After all, that is quite a hard task, considering that leave early at home and arrive late at night from work. Still, it's a big change from when I was staying at the dormitory where I just have to go outside and all the fast food chains are already accessible.

Now, I take time to read some health magazines and any other health information that I happen to come by. When someone hands me a flyer about diet supplements that helps cleanse colon, I actually am interested to know more about it and maybe even try it out (although it is quite pricey).

I can't say that I'm at my most healthiest. But I can definitely say that I'm already aware and conscious about how what I eat can affect my health. The next thing to do is to start taking action to achieve that healthy body that I like!

Keeping two blogs

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It can be quite hard to maintain two blogs at the same time. Even if I like writing and can talk about anything and everything that pops up in my mind, there just comes a time when my mind goes blank - like, I keep on wondering and wondering what I should talk about for my next blog entry.

I don't know if other bloggers have experienced this too, but whenever this happens to me, I feel sort of annoyed with myself. I mean, I'm supposed to be a blogger so I should be able to come up with different topics at once (no matter how random they are), right? This is probably how others perceive us bloggers, but sadly, that's not always the case. At least, that's how it is for me.

Whenever this time comes, though, all I can rely on are my personal feelings and experiences. I'd be more likely to talk about something interesting, exciting, or even infuriating incident that happened to me for that day. I'll talk about something that comes naturally to me, something that I can totally relate to me. And with that blog entry, I hope that whoever is reading it at that moment can relate to it as well. :)

Friday, March 25, 2011

You never really notice...

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Sometimes, without us noticing it, some things change really fast. One of these quick-changing things (and probably the most influential) is technology. Really, it's amazing. One day you're sitting there, perfectly happy with your 2.0 megapixel camera phone. The next thing you know, there's a new phone model that has touch screen and Wi-Fi capabilities.

The same can be said for other gadgets out there. Before, LCD TVs were all the rage. Now, led tvs are becoming more and more popular! Computers have turned into laptops. Laptops have turned into netbooks. And now, iPads are starting to replace these netbooks too, what with their wireless and gaming capabilities.

It's both amazing and frustrating at the same time. It's a good thing cause we can see how mankind continues to grow and develop mentally, to be able to create these technologically advanced gadgets. The frustrating part stems from my want to be able to own these superb gadgets. One time, I'll be thinking how cool it is to own an iPod nano. The next thing I know, a new iPod model has been presented by Apple once again.

That's why I'm staying away from buying some of these gadgets as of the moment. It's better for me to save my money first before I decide to buy something that will quickly wear off its popularity!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

High school memories

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My high school memories weren't exactly that memorable. Now, don't start judging me and labeling me as an outcast already because of what I said. I did enjoy high school, but not as much as the others did. For me, college is so much more full of fun memories as compared to high school. But of course, there are still some things that can only be experienced during the high school phase of a student's life, the most popular one probably being the prom.

Since we weren't able to pick our own partners, my prom night was a bit awkward for me. I rarely talked to my partner for the prom that night. It's a good thing I was seated in the same table as one of my close friends. Looking back now, I regret that I didn't put more effort in preparing for the prom. I should have looked at more prom dresses and picked out the most beautiful one. I should have done my makeup better and had my hair styled by a professional. After all, the prom is an important day in a high school girl's life, right?

Anyway, that's all in the past now. There are still a lot more parties that I can attend, prettier dresses and shoes to wear, and better party venues that I can go to! :)

Monday, March 21, 2011

Need to catch up on new episodes!

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Now that Gossip Girl is on break, and there doesn't seem to be any new episodes of Chuck (not sure about this), there's this kind of restless feeling within me. I know that sounds so exaggerated, but I really feel a bit like that. I think it has a lot to do with the Dair hookup that I've been - that they just abruptly cut at the end of the last episode - for so long. If you've seen that last episode, I know that you can relate to this too! Haha.

Although most of my favorite shows haven't released new episodes yet, I still need to catch up on some of the TV shows/movies that I've been meaning to watch. Most of them are Korean dramas, while others are movies that are highly rated by my friends! :)

What about you? What shows have you been meaning to watch (but haven't gotten around to doing so)? Go ahead and recommend some for me!

Sunday, March 20, 2011


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We just got back from our mini-vacation! By "mini", I mean just one night and two days. That's what you get when you can't afford to be absent from work the next day after the weekend. Haha.

I didn't take a lot of pictures since I just tagged along with my friend who had this awesome DSLR camera. I know I said before that I'm not planning on buying a DSLR camera any time soon, but when I saw the shots that were taken from it, I can't help but wonder if I should get one for myself (even if I don't have the cash for it). :) But seriously, seeing the beautiful pictures taken from the camera inspires me to go and study photography too!

This trip made me realize that the term "vacation trip" doesn't really get its full meaning until you get to show pictures from the trip. It's almost like you take these trips just so you can have pictures to show for it. Well, not really, but you have to admit that pictures are a big part of these trips. Haha.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Prioritizing things

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I'm glad that I've gotten over my sudden book buying urges recently. Well, at least I think (and really hope) that I have. From now on, I'm going to budget money so that I'll buy only those that I need and not just want. Like, there are times when I really look at all these new phones around the malls and get so jealous of everyone else who have touch screen phones, but, you know what? In the end, I'm glad that I manage to get over these feelings and think about the fact that I have a perfectly functioning phone, which suits me just fine. And like most of you out there, I've also wanted to own a DSLR camera. But as of the moment, it's just too expensive for me, and so I would have to put off my hopes of becoming a professional photographer. Haha.

That doesn't mean that I don't have any plans of actually getting some of those things that I want someday. Once I've saved enough, I want to buy a house, a car (then get a cheap car insurance for it), and the cool gadgets that I want. Big dreams, right? I'd rather call them goals. That way, I'll definitely strive harder to achieve them. Hmm, I'm gonna stop before I start getting way too serious here. :)

Teach me how to bake!

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A few weeks ago, I was talking about how much I want to start a new hobby, just so I could learn and try out something new. Well, I think I've found one - I want to try baking! I know! Just thinking about it is making me excited and hungry at the same time. :)

Wouldn't it be nice if I can just whip up an oreo cheesecake whenever I feel the craving for one? You get to save money, plus, you feel happy about the fact that you actually made the cake that you're eating! Okay, can you feel the waves of excitement coming off of me now? Haha.

But first things first, I need to prepare and get all the baking tools that I would be needing. Having never tried it before, all I can think of are just the basics: measuring cups and spoons, an electric mixer, bowls, pans, and the ingredients for whatever it is that I'll be baking. I told you I don't know much about it, so if you know any more things that I need for me to get on with this baking business, feel free me to tell me!

Alright then, I'd have to start looking for recipes online!

Books and where to put them

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Although I haven't been reading too many books these past few months (since I have less free time), I find that I still have books scattered around my room. Some of them I've piled up on top of one another on a desk, while some are just by my bed. My bookshelf's full already so I can't continue to stack them there. Besides, I don't think my shelf can handle any more excess load as it is.

I need to find a new shelf (or shelves, if I had the money) that's cheap yet very sturdy. It needs to be able to withstand the weight of both hardcover and paperback books which I've bought and won way back when I was still joining a lot of book contests and had a lot of free time to read those books. Come to think of it, it's been ages since last went on a contest joining spree. Hmm, I might start joining those giveaways again later. :) But before that, gotta find a place that sells good quality furnitures like shelves and cabinet hardware for low prices! Do you know where I can get one? Remember, it has to be cheap since I can't afford something expensive right now. Haha.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Athleticism thoughts

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I've been thinking, is being athletic inborn or can you develop it as you grow older? And if you can develop it, is there an age limit for when you suddenly want to become athletic? Why am I thinking about this? It's because I'm not athletic. I don't know if it's by choice or if I'm just not really good at sports. Is it because I didn't like running around back when I was a kid. Or is it the other way around? That I stopped liking to play and run around because I'm not very good at it. I know, it's weird to think about it so I'm just going to stop. Haha.

Anyway, the point is, I think I want to try liking a sport. I'm not sure what kind, though I have a couple of ideas what types of sports are off the list. :) Maybe I'll try being better at badminton, since I already enjoy playing a little of it. Should I try something I haven't done before, like baseball? I could even get myself personalized bats if I decide to try it! Or I could try playing basketball, since I like watching the games, anyway.

Hmm, thinking about it excites me and makes me nervous at the same time! Well, I'm not sure when I'm going to go ahead with this plan, seeing that I'm busy during weekdays and that I like to stay at home during the weekends. But, I'll definitely blog about it when I've picked out which sport to try!

BIG GG Spoiler!

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I'm sorry if you're watching the show but haven't been up-to-date so far, but I just have to talk about this! By this, I mean...

image is not mine and was taken from the www

Yep, I'm talking about Dan and Blair, also known as Dair. I'm sorry, but even though I was a Chuck/Blair fan initially, I just love seeing Dair together that I'm really not excited to see Chuck come back to Blair (again). I mean, (Chair fans, forgive me for this) they're starting to look boring together, right? Well, compared to seeing Dan and Blair banter away. :) And how cruel were the GG production team to just end the scene there when they're going to be on a seven week hiatus? Anyway, I hope they continue building up this Dair storyline. I know their fanbase is getting bigger and bigger!

Picky and thrifty?

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I'm beginning to think that being picky yet thrifty is a bad combination. Well, if I want to be practical, I guess I need to pick the latter over the other. But still, it's hard to do, right? I'm not really picky in an exaggerated way, I just want things to be comfortable and nice to look at.

Okay, you may be wondering what I'm babbling about here. Haha. I'm planning to rent near my workplace to lessen my travel time. I thought it would be easy to pick a place that's cheap and nice, but actually, it's not. I'm not looking for something extravagant, like a place with an LCD TV, coupled with an omnimount TV stand, and other sophisticated appliances. I just want the place to be clean and secure. And of course, it has to be not so expensive and within my budget. :)

Do you know what's the usual rental rate for a place like that in the city? I hope I can afford it. In the meantime, I'm going to search for more places to rent. It doesn't hurt to have a lot to choose from, right? And besides, I should definitely do some more research before selecting a place. Anyway, if you can recommend some sites for me to search more rental places from, just leave me a comment!

The Hunger Games movie!

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I'm super excited for the film adaptation of the wondrously amazing Hunger Games series! Who isn't, right? But up to now, I think auditions are still being held for who gets to be included in the cast. People are mostly anticipating who gets to play Katniss Everdeen, the main protagonist in the series.

Unlike other fans of the series, I don't particularly have anyone in mind that I think would be perfect for the role of Katniss, Peeta, or Gale. I don't know... I think I'd like to be surprised and then decide if that actor/actress actually looks like the role he/she is going to portray. I guess I stopped having casting hopes like that back when they decided to make Confessions of a Shopaholic a movie. Back then, I badly wanted Luke Wilson to play the role of Luke Brandon so you can just imagine my disappointment when Hugh Dancy was chosen instead. Naturally, I wasn't expecting much before I saw the movie, but well, let's just say that I was pleasantly surprised. I still think Luke Wilson would have done a better job, but Hugh Dancy did okay too. :)

So now, I think I'm just going to trust the movie production team's choice. Hmm, I'm not sure, but I think Suzanne Collins is gonna have her say on the casting too. I'm sure she's not going to let them pick actors and actresses that are unfit for their roles!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Where I talk about love (a bit)

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If you haven't already guessed by now from my numerous posts about liking reading romance novels, then I'm just gonna say it: I am a hopeless romantic. I love it when I hear or read about guys making that great romantic gesture to please the girl that they love. Some may find it cheesy, but well, I don't. Haha.

But the fact that I'm a romantic doesn't necessarily mean that I'm an expert when it comes to love. Believe me, I don't know much about it. So don't ask me how you can find your true love or if participating in a free online dating site can get you to the man or woman of your dreams. As they say, you'll know it when you find it.

Actually, even though I like reading all these romantic things, I'm not really looking for that special someone of mine, either. I don't know... I guess I'm a bit busy at the moment to think about it. Plus, they say true love will find you, right? You don't need to keep looking for it! I hope that's true! Haha.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Lot Like Love!

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No, I'm not talking about the movie starring Ashton Kutcher and Amanda Peet. By the way, have you seen this movie? I've seen parts of it from HBO, but I don't think I've ever managed to watch the whole movie. Anyway, A Lot Like Love is also the title of Julie James' latest book, and it's out today in the US! :)

Now, although I don't really remember the synopsis of the book, I already know that I'm gonna love this book. Why? It's because I've loved all of her other books so far that I just think it's impossible for her to write a novel that I'm not gonna fall in love with. It's true! I'm not exaggerating at all. I enjoyed reading her past three books immensely, especially Just The Sexiest Man Alive, which is one of my favorite romance novels to date!

But if ever, for some reason, that I find that this A Lot Like Love lacking compared to her other books, I think Julie James will still be one of my favorite authors of all time. After all, when the point of comparison is that good, it's going to be a bit difficult to match up, right? Still, I hope this latest book will be better than her past books!
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