Monday, February 21, 2011

When will the new Twilight movie come out?

Posted by austenfan at 2/21/2011 09:22:00 PM
Does anyone have any idea? I'm a big fan of the books, but lately, I've been busy with other things that I haven't had the time to update myself on the current happenings in the Twilight world. :) I hope Breaking Dawn will turn out to be much, much better than the previous movies because let's face it - even if I'm a fan of the books, I can't say that I enjoyed the movies all that much. Although I think Robert Pattinson's hot, his acting skills still leave a lot to be desired. And as for Taylor Lautner? Even though he suddenly developed some awesome abs (that's some major amount of hgh released there), I still don't find him all that attractive. Haha.

Still, I'm going to keep watching the movies despite them being lackluster. After all, it's still about the series that made me fell in love with reading again and introduced me to the joy of reading young adult books. And speaking of young adult books, what are the new book releases these days? From what I heard, Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side by Beth Fantaskey is going to have a sequel. Yay! :)

Do you know any other good young adult books that are coming out or have recently been released?


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