Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Pictures and Cameras

Posted by austenfan at 1/12/2011 05:03:00 PM
Everyone seems to own a DSLR camera these days. Of course, I don't mean that literally. It's just that a lot of my friends currently own one and those who don't wants to own one. Yes, that includes me! There's just something so fulfilling I think to be looking at great pictures and knowing that you're the one who captured those wonderful shots. Although I don't know much about photography, like how outdoor lighting can affect how the picture looks and what kind of lens to use, I'd very much like to have my own professional camera. Besides, I can always learn how to do better shots, right?

Still, I think getting good shots depends on where you are, or more specifically, what exactly are you taking a picture of. I think it would do you more good to take shots while traveling - to somewhere beautiful and exotic, preferably! You could take pictures of landscapes and sceneries and the people in them!

Hmm, I'd have to re-think wanting to own a DSLR camera. It might be wiser to save my money to be able to finance my traveling fantasies first before I save up some more for that camera!


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