Saturday, January 8, 2011

Flowers still speak(s) romance!

Posted by austenfan at 1/08/2011 08:37:00 AM
Flowers and chocolates - these two things are what a boy usually gives to a girl that he likes. I'm not sure who started this tradition, but it's been that ever since I can remember it. Actually, I think the giving of flowers came way before that of chocolates, but nowadays, girls seem to prefer receiving chocolates instead of beautiful flowers bouquets.

I can understand why some girls would prefer chocolates. After all, it's something that you could actually eat while flowers are just pretty to look at. However, for someone like me who loves reading Victorian age romance stories and listening to Bruno Mars's songs, I'll pick the pretty flowers anytime! There's just something incredibly romantic about receiving flowers that there's just no point in comparing it with chocolates for me.

Don't get me wrong, though. I love eating chocolates! In fact, I wish I didn't love eating it so much as it's ruining my diet plan. But when it comes to romantic purposes, for me, flowers would definitely get more plus points! :)


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