Monday, January 31, 2011

A lot of free time

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I've got so much free time right now that most of the time, I find myself doing nothing and just wondering what should I do for the next couple of hours. If you're a student (with lots of papers due and exams to come) right now, I'm sure you won't believe me when I say this but... not being busy is sort of hard too!

If I have a lot of things to do, I probably would not be feeling this way right now, I know. Haha. But there you have it. Not being busy leads to a person getting bored. And as always, when I find myself bored, I find that it's even harder to think of things to do to get boredom off my system. :)

Right now, I'm trying to watch all the fun Korean dramas that I've been missing out on from the time when I started reviewing for the board exam. And yes, I should start looking for a copy of the film, "3 Idiots", which it seems like everyone else have already seen.

Aside from watching all the TV shows that I can, what chore do you find is the best way to combat boredom?

Saturday, January 29, 2011


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Weekends are a great way to:

1. Watch a new Korean drama, just like what I'm doing now! According to MySoju, this site where I've been streaming it from, it only started airing in Korea this January, so if you love Kdramas as well, you shouldn't be surprised if this is the first time that you've heard about it. Kim Tae Hee (Love Story in Harvard) and Song Seun Hun (Endless Love: Winter Sonata) play the lead roles here! They're two of my most liked Korean actors/actresses, so I'm sure this is gonna be great! Actually, the first two episodes have been absolutely hilarious, so I have high hopes for this one. :)

2. Eat those yummy foods that you've deprived yourself of for the past week! Come on, indulge for a little. Afterwards, maybe you could read some apidexin reviews and do some exercise to losing those pounds you might have gained during the weekends.

3. Relax! No matter how stressed you've been during the weekdays, remember to unwind and be optimistic that the next few days will be (even a little) more stress-free!

What I write about

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You might not have noticed it before, but I seldom write about my personal thoughts and experiences, especially when it involves feelings of the extreme kind - whether it's happy or sad. I guess I want to keep this blog as a sort of collection of only my random and entertaining (I hope) stories. I talk about the things I'm currently loving - books, TV shows, food, and others.

But lately, I've been thinking of creating a more personal journal, one where I could talk about anything I want. It would be nice if I can document my thoughts and then be able to read it and look back after a few months or years. Back when I was a little girl, I kept a diary, like all little girls have done at one point in their lives. Now, I don't know what has become of it. I've never been able to constantly update a journal. It's like, one day I'll start writing in it, and then forget about it after several weeks. And then, the urge to write in a diary comes to be again a few months later.

This time, I might decide to start one again. No, I won't be using a blog for it. Maybe this time, I'll try to keep it in a Word document... or should I still go with the old-fashioned diary again? :)

Friday, January 28, 2011

What were you like in high school?

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Were you part of a clique back in high school? Were you part of the popular girls and jocks groups? Were you an actress or singer? Or were you one of those who was so good at drawing that everybody envied them (well, I did). Haha.

Back then, I guess you could call me the geeky type. I loved mathematics when most of my classmates didn't so I guess it sort of made me unusual. I was also set in getting a degree in accountancy and then looking for some accounting jobs once I graduate from college. But, I ended up finishing with a degree in chemical engineering, after I was waitlisted for the accountancy course in my university. Anyway, I have no regrets, so far. :)

Going back to the topic, I'm glad that the groups that people had back in high school wasn't as bad as some of the high school cliques that I've read about and watched in some schools. There weren't major clique divisions. Popular girls and boys weren't that mean to those who were not part of their group. I wouldn't say that everyone was nice to each other, but I'm glad that all the bullying and discriminating that I've seen on TV shows weren't a part of my of my high school experience. How about you? Did this ever happen at your school?

Emachine netbooks?

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I've only recently learned about this much cheaper netbook that I think has been out in the market for quite some time now. Naturally, I tried to look it up on the internet. I wanted to see if people who bought it have had any complaints, so far. After all, a cheap netbook probably has a lot of major flaws, right? So, I read some reviews, and guess what? Most of the buyers only have good things to say about it. Those that do not seem to be part of a very small minority.

It makes me want to buy one myself. That is, when I have saved enough to buy a new laptop. I'm still quite contented with my current laptop, even though the battery doesn't work anymore and sometimes, it just freezes up. However, I wouldn't mind having a new one that runs on Windows 7 and is much faster than this one. Haha.

Anyway, if you're also interested in owning this netbook, I don't think you should expect so much - in terms of its appearance and specifications. It's cheaper than most netbooks so it's understandable if it may lack certain features. The important thing is that it works well for whatever purpose you want it to, right? :)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Try planting!

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For those of you who are looking for a new hobby, then maybe you would like to try planting! When I was a child, I was fascinated whenever I saw someone plant something which later grew to be taller than expected. I was amazed by how something tall, green, and leafy from grow from a seed that you had put in a Planter.

The only real planting experience I had was when we were required to plant bean seeds back when we were in grade school. It was fun to see plant that you've taken great care to water everyday grow taller and more beautiful each day. We didn't have Decorative Planters back then, but still, all the plants looked so green and pretty! Imagine how good they would have looked if we were even able to use some cute Outdoor Planters back then.

I haven't had the time and the resources to try planting again for the past years. But maybe, if I had the chance, I can try planting again. I think it can be a great source of satisfaction, calmness, and fulfillment for anyone who would like try something new.

Need to cheer up

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What do you do when you feel a bit down and just want to do something to cheer you up? Well, I don't really know what to do when that kind of feeling strikes, either. However, I do try my best to not let myself feel down for long and try to find something that'll put some happiness in me.

Some of them are:

1. Watching my favorite TV shows - This is always a good way to get my spirits up, especially if I've been waiting for a new show episode. However, this doesn't work all the time, since episodes come out only once a week.

2. Read a romance book. - Well, I'm a romantic so reading about happy endings always puts a smile on my face.

3. Do something to occupy my free time. - Doing nothing just makes me think about a lot of things (some of them stressful) so I try to do something else with my free time - whether its writing or reading.

I'm not saying these suggestions will surely cheer you up, but maybe you can try them, anyway!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sleeping late

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Are you one of those who sleeps past 11 PM every night? Well, I am one of those, actually. Yeah, I know it's unhealthy, but I think I still haven't gotten over my review days when sleeping earlier than 10 PM was actually considered as early.

For those of you who are like me, I suggest that you try to sleep earlier than your usual sleeping time. I'll be trying it out myself, especially now that I'm not so busy with school work anymore. Besides, it will be really beneficial for you as well. Here are just some of a healthier sleeping habit's benefits:

1. You'll feel more energized in the morning.
2. You won't feel so sleep-deprived
3. It's good for your health.
4. You'll get better looking skin!

However, if its really necessary for you to stay up late to finish a pending task, make sure that you take your one a day vitamin regularly. That way, you'll lessen the possible harmful effects of sleeping late to your health. Plus, it will help you to feel less stressed out!

Still, it's better if you can manage to finish whatever it is you have to do ahead of time so that you'll avoid having to stay up late at night!

Things I want to learn!

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1. I want to learn how to ride a bike.

I don't know why, but my parents never bought me a bike, thus, leading to my ignorance about the basics of bike-riding. I don't blame them, though. My balance when I was a kid wasn't really all that good so I know they were just worried about me falling off the bike. Is it too late to try to learn it now that I'm past my teenage years?

2. I want to learn how to cook.

Actually, you can add wanting how to bake here. Of course, I don't know if I'll be able to do a good job at it, but it's still worth a try. That whole waiting-for-the-others-to-taste-what-you've-cooked part sounds fun! Haha.

3. I want to learn another language besides Filipino and English.

When I was in college, I wasn't required to take a foreign language class so I didn't get to learn Spanish and/or French as I had hoped to when I first went to college. Hmm, I think this one's a bit harder to do as it would have to involve enrolling at a fancy language school. And as I said before, I need to save up!

I want to learn a lot more, actually. But I'll save talking about those for some other time (maybe another blog entry). :)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Diet and exercise

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Earlier, I got to read some of the horoscopes for the Year of the Tiger. I noticed that most of them included something about taking care of your health by proper diet and exercise. Whether you believe in horoscopes or not, I think that this is a very sound advice. We definitely need to get more health-conscious and be more mindful of what we eat.

I'm not just saying this because I want to lose weight. Even if you're really on the skinny side, you still need to make sure that you eat foods that'll provide with just the right amount of nutrition. I've read that fish and nuts are really good for the body since they contain flaxseed oil. After learning about the benefits of flaxseed, I decided that I'm gonna eat larger portions of fish and/or nuts than I usually do. After all, it's better to get those vital nutrients from natural sources, right?

Also, let's not forget about exercising regularly. Truthfully, I haven't had the chance to really exercise these past couple of weeks, but I will definitely try to go out and jog more. Maybe I'll even have a go at some body crunches - I hear it can greatly help in getting that flat tummy that I've always wanted!

What to do while you're waiting for a video to load

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If you like streaming videos on the internet, then i'm sure you've experienced that time when your internet connection's just so slow that you have to wait for ages before you can manage to watch the video without it buffering. Me? I've experienced it a lot of times. And it's really annoying especially if you're excited about a particular new episode of your favorite TV series (like Chuck!). So, what should you do to pass time while waiting for your video to completely load?

Well, I'll tell you some of what I do. Maybe it's the same as yours, or maybe you'd like to try it as well. :)

1. Finish your other tasks. Yep, put your time to good use, and finish or start doing all those things that you still have to do. It may be a paper due a few days later or something personal that you have to do.

2. Read a book. This one's really effective, especially if you get caught up in the book you've decided to read! You won't even notice the time pass, and if you want to take a break from reading, you can go ahead and watch that video first.

3. Eat! Try to take a small snack or a heavy meal, if you still haven't eaten.

4. Socialize! Go ahead and chat with some of your friends. Talking to someone about anything is a sure way to get your mind off that video for a while.

I want to attend a ball!

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When I was younger and was still reading Sweet Valley books, I became fascinated with proms and homecoming dances and the numerous other balls that they seem to have at school. I remember feeling excited for the day when I can attend one too!

However, when the "prom" season came, I found that I wasn't as enthusiastic about it as I expected to be. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that they held it at our school and not at another place with better ambiance. Also, I didn't have as much self esteem as Jessica Wakefield (in the Sweet Valley series), who seems to look good in anything she wears in the book. Thus, my gown wasn't really awe-inspiring and I didn't put much attention to my hair and make-up. The prom's attendees were a mixture of two different year classes, so I guess it's also understandable if I was a bit intimated by the other upperclassmen, no matter how cute some of them looked in their coats and ties.

Now, though, I'm beginning to regret that I didn't have as much fun as I wanted to. I should have danced more and socialized more with other people, even if I didn't know them all that much. Haha. Hmm, I wonder when I could get to attend another ball?

New Pretty Little Liars episode is up!

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I know I've talked about how much I'm loving Pretty Little Liars right now in my previous blog entries, so I won't bore with more of my praises over it.

Let me just recommend it to you one more time, in case you're looking for something fun and different to watch. Hey, if you're a Glee fan, and since I think I heard that new episodes of the show won't be up for a considerable amount of time, you might as well look for other TV series to watch, right? Try it! You might even find a new favorite show once you see it! :)

On to other (but still related) news, if I'm not mistaken, there's a new episode of Chuck as well. Plus, new Gossip Girl episodes will also start airing this week! And based from the promos I've seen and spoilers that I've read so far, I think it's going to be pretty exciting. The spoilers even have me rooting for a Dan-Blair pairing now! Haha.

Okay, I'm off to watch the new Pretty Little Liars episode now! I hope it's good!

Monday, January 24, 2011

In case you didn't know...

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Here's another catchy little blog entry title. Hmm, I might decide to do another feature with this theme. It seems like I'm suddenly into blog features today. Anyway, let's see if I can keep posting entries that are related to these blog features.

Okay, on to this entry's topic... have you guys heard about Mesothelioma? I haven't heard of it before, either. It's a type of cancer that is primarily caused by asbestos. I don't know if it's now a widely known disease, but it's better if more and more citizens would get to know more about it so that it could be prevented. From what I've read, the most common source of asbestos would be the person's workplace. Whoa, this information makes me not want to pursue a career involving construction, if ever the opportunity arose. Although, I think preventive measures can be applied so that the possible harmful effects of staying in the workplace is minimized. If you're working in a place where you can frequently get in contact with asbestos, you should definitely wear the appropriate protective attire and equipment to ensure your safety in the workplace. After all, this is standard procedure so I'm sure you won't have any problems with this. And whenever possible, your should probably stay away from the source of asbestos.

When I get to know other mores useful information, I'll definitely share it in this blog! Okay, till my next feature post!

How to's

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I noticed that I have several blog entries with titles that begin with "How to...". Huh. I guess I just like making lists out of everything. So, I was wondering if I should make this a regular feature. You know, like a sort of meme, where I will talk about different how to do's? It could be about anything, just as long as the title of the blog entry still begins with "How to...". I think it's sort of cute. I hope I I get to think of some interesting how-to lists!

Hmm, I need to think about some interesting things to talk about. Here are some sample blog entry titles from the top of my head:

  • How to start cooking - Uh, I would also like to read an article like this since I absolutely have no experience when it comes to cooking!
  • How to get rid of eyebags - Another one that I'd like to read
  • How to train your dragon - Okay, forgive me for the lame joke. (It's the title of a movie, in case you didn't know. Haha)
What else? Just wait for my next "How to" entry!

Who loves basketball?

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I do! Well, only when I get to see my favorite player on court. You know me, I'll learn how to love a particular game once I have someone to fangirl over. Nah, I'm just kidding, although admittedly, my having a crush on a basketball player is one of the reasons why I love watching the game.

My fascination for watching basketball started when I was in my second year of high school. I remember lying on the sofa, aimlessly switching channels, and looking for something decent to watch. Then, I chanced upon a PBA basketball game. My parents like watching basketball games, and back then, I didn't really understand why. I had no interest in basketball back then, I didn't even know what sports betting is. However, since I had nothing better to watch, I decided to stick with the current channel and see what all the fuss was about basketball. Then, I saw this player who seemed to be doing a good job during that game. Yes, it's Enrico Villanueva (I think I've talked about him a lot of times before). That was the time that I started to like him. Afterwards, I tried to watch the game whenever I know that he's playing. Now, I still like watching the game, but not as much I used to way back when I first had a crush on him. :)

By the way, the championship games just started yesterday, right? Are you planning on doing some basketball betting for these finals games? Well, you better make sure that you get to watch all the games in the series!

Lots to do!

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The fact that I still have a lot to do for today doesn't really bother me. Sure, it is a little overwhelming, but I love writing, so it's not a hardship at all. :) I guess it really is true that as long as you love what you're doing, you'll be able to get past all the hard work and tiring moments. Uh, I'm not sure if there actually is a saying like that.

By the way, how do you manage your to-do's? Do you make a list and put it on your planner? Do you save it on your phone's memo applications? Or do you just keep it in your mind and hope that you won't forget to do it later on?

As for me, I do all of the things I've said above, actually. I must say, though, that the last part probably is the least effective one - for obvious reasons. :) Still, if you have a photographic memory, it would definitely work for you!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Teenage years

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What do you remember most about your teenage years? Not that I'm that way past being a teenager - just a few years past being a teen. :) Anyway, let me make a list of things that comes to my mind whenever I recall myself in my teenage years.
  1. My (a bit too) oily and pimple-prone face - I still have oily skin, but not as bad as it was before. Now, my face only gets really oily when the weather's really hot. Also, I used to search for ways on how to get rid of acne fast before. I'm glad that pimples don't appear on my face as quickly and unpredictably as it had before.
  2. Weight gain - My teenage years were also witness to my sudden weight gain. Since everyone back then were telling me to just eat whatever I want since I'm still young and all that, I followed their advice and just ate without considering possible weight gain. Now that I'm older, I try to live a healthier life by eating in moderation and not drinking as much soda as before.
  3. I became a romantic. Yes, these were the years where I began to fell in love with reading romantic stories, hence, turning me into this handsome and romantic heroes fangirl that I am. :)
  4. And the most important of all teenage memories - the friends that have become and continue to be a part of my life up to now. :)

Follow up on Pretty Little Liars!

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Here's a follow up post on my new favorite show. :)

Pretty Little Liars is actually based on a young adult book series. I haven't had the chance to read the books before, since I thought that it was sort of for really young people. Look at some pictures of the old book covers and you'll know what I mean. I don't even remember reading the synopsis from the back of the book. Well, that just proves that you can never judge a book by its cover. Literally. Haha.

Here is a picture of the main cast:

image is not mine and was taken from somewhere in the internet world

Well, they do look very pretty, right? Plus, they're pretty and not mean. Now, that's a bit refreshing to watch. I'm not sure how true to the book's story the series is being, but I think the TV show is doing pretty good so far. I might try reading the books as well, though, to see if it's even better than the show!

I am hooked!

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Sometimes, when I get to watch a new series, and then I happen to really really like that series, I end up wanting to finish all the episodes of that show that have aired so far. And I mean watch it as soon as possible. This is what happened to me today. I started watching Pretty Little Liars due to a friend's recommendation, and now I'm up to the 12th episode in the season. Can you believe it? Haha.

This almost always happens to me whenever I get hooked on a really good series. I remember feeling this way over shows like Gossip Girl, Chuck, Veronica Mars, and several other Korean dramas that I enjoyed watching. I guess I now have a new favorite show - another one that I will eagerly await for each week. :) I wonder when my next favorite show is gonna come up and what will it be about. Could it have a sort of western vibe, complete with cowboys wearing Stetson Hats? Hmm, I haven't actually seen a TV series like that before, though it does sound interesting.

Anyway, for those of you who likes Gossip Girl with a lot of mystery on the side, I think you'll like Pretty Little Liars. Watch it and tell me how you like it!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

What do you invest in?

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Nowadays, people are getting more and more conscious of how they spend their money. It's not just enough that they get to save some of their money in their respective banks, rather, they keep finding ways to make their savings grow even bigger!

If you're hoping to do the same, there are actually several ways on how you can invest your money wisely. Here are some of them:

1. gold IRA and gold 401k plans - I haven't tried IRA gold investments before, but we all know that gold is a very precious commodity today and I think its value will get even higher in the years to come. So, if you think you're ready to do some major lucrative investing, then it's time to ready those 401k gold plans. You can also visit this site if you're looking for more information and if you have questions regarding gold IRA transfer.

2. stocks - I'm planning to learn how to participate in the stock market as well. I heard that it's a great way to ensure that you'll have some source of passive income. As of the moment, though, I still have basically little knowledge of how it works and how to start trading. If you're a pro at this or if you just know how I can get started, then some help would be greatly appreciated!

I'll post about more investment opportunities once I get to know more about them. Meanwhile, I'm off to do some more reading on money investment tips!

Dair on Gossip Girl?

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For you fellow Gossip Girl fans out there:
What do you think about the rumors of a possible Dair (Dan and Blair) hookup on Gossip Girl this coming season of the show? Well, I think it's going to add a lot of spice into the story! I mean, let's face it. Who better to pair up than possibly the most incompatible characters in the show?

In case you're wondering, I'm a big fan of the Chair (Chuck and Blair) pairing as well, but even I can admit that it's getting boring watching the two of them circle around each other - one moment being all lovey-dovey, and the next vowing to torment each other's lives. The same series of events has been happening to the two of them since the beginning of the show. They fight. They make up. Then they fight again. Let's face it. A new pairing between Dan and Blair seems like it could provide some much needed fun and entertainment back to the show.

How about you? Any other Gossip Girl pairings you'd like to see in the coming season?

Tired of CityVille

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I think I've blogged about how much I'm enjoying playing CityVille - a relatively new game on Facebook. A week or so ago, I was finding it really fun to be able to build houses and businesses and on a virtual city. However, once again, my short attention span for playing computer games has struck. I remember feeling this way before about Mafia Wars (another Facebook game). After a few weeks or so, playing the game suddenly loses its appeal, and playing for fun becomes a chore.

It's the same feeling again with CityVille. What used to be excitement over the plants I was about to harvest or rents I had to collect in the game has turned into a not-quite appealing activity. Plus, I haven't had the time to reconstruct my city to actually look like one! Hmm, maybe if the creators of the game decide to add some other household decorations like modern sofas (like in the Sims game), I'd be more excited about the prospect of playing it again. However, until I find a new and fun feature in the game, I'm going to take a break from playing CityVille for the moment.

I knew I made the right decision in not buying that game console during the Holiday season! It would have been a waste, what with my very short appreciation time for these computer games!

Who doesn't love weekends?

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Here's a multiple choice question. Weekends are fun because they are days when you can:

a. just relax at home
b. watch TV all day
c. get away from work
d. get some much needed quality time with your family and friends

Okay, I'm just kidding with the multiple question thing. All of the above are perfectly acceptable answers! Well, actually, this doesn't seem to apply to me as I'm still looking for work right now, but still, I know the feeling. Haha.

For me, weekends are also a great time to look for new TV series to get addicted to. Right now, I'm very much interested in watching Pretty Little Liars and another Kdrama that I heard is really funny and cute. Not doing anything else this weekend? Why don't you do the same? Maybe you can even recommend to me some of your TV show or book finds! :)

Friday, January 21, 2011

Best Ceiling Fans!

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The weather has been a it unpredictable lately. A few days ago, it was really cold, but now, I've noticed that it's starting to get hot and humid here once again. You know what that means, right? You need to get out those Ceiling Fans of yours and start using them! If you don't own a Ceiling Fan, then I suggest that you buy one right now! The warm (maybe even hot) climate is going to be unbearable come summer time.

Don't know what kind to buy? Find out who makes the Best Ceiling Fans here! Just remember to consider what you think are qualities that a ceiling fan should have. It could be the style, weight, cost, or even how energy-efficient it is. Pick out what's the most important factor for you, then, take your pick.

I'm sure that whatever kind you have picked, you'll be able to find at Hansen Wholesale. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and look for some Hansen Wholesale Ceiling Fans right away! Just make sure to buy the fan that you really like!

2nd Blog Anniversary!

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Whoa. I totally forgot that this blog just celebrated its 2nd blog anniversary last January 17. Wow, it's been two long years since I started this blog and it still feels surreal. I mean, where is the girl who used to be so afraid and shy about letting other people read her personal writings? It feels like I have changed so much - but changed for the better, definitely! And it all began with this first blog entry.

From starting with this blog, I've created a lot of different other blogs, the most recent one is Where I Fangirl, which you really need to visit (as in now!) if you haven't done so before! Gone is the girl who used to obsess how her blog looks like and if people were bothering to come and visit this blog. Not that I don't care if no one visits my blog anymore. Of course, it would make me really happy if people do come here often or even once in a while. But now, I've realized that what's more important is what you do get to share to others through blogging. And if people actually get to read what you've written, then, so much the better, right? :)

Here's to many more years of happy blogging to come! :)

Love is in the air?

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Valentine's Day is once again fast approaching! Truthfully, though, I'm not that excited about it since I don't have anything special planned for the day due to different reasons - one of which is that I don't have a date to spend it with. Haha. Of course, I'll be spending the day with my family, so I'm not exactly sad about that fact. Besides, having a love life is the least of my priorities right now. :)

Of course, I know that the fact that I don't have a 'special someone' doesn't mean that everyone else don't have someone either. So, for those of you are planning to spend Valentine's day with your partners, have you done your research and looked for amazing valentines day gift ideas yet? I hope you did! Shopping for that perfect gift is always never easy, so be sure to plan ahead of time what you want to give to your loved ones. If you know your partner well, though, I'm sure that won't be such a hard task. Just observe and try to see what your partners would really like to have and then go ahead and get it for them. It doesn't have to be exquisite or expensive, as long as it'll make him/her very happy!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Getting tired of Facebook

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Am I the only one who feels this way? Honestly, I don't know what brought this on. It could be that I just have too much free time on my hands that I'm always on Facebook, where nothing new and exciting seems to pop up. Sure, I have fun playing CityVille and then afterwards, checking out the goings on in my friends' lives. But afterwards, nada... I can't think of anything else to do while on the site.

I know, I know. I shouldn't spend a lot of time in Facebook as that's not the site's purpose anyway, but what can I do? As I said, I've got a lot of free time on my hands right now. So, I guess my true problem is finding a worthwhile activity to keep me occupied. If I have enough money with me, I would definitely consider buying some bushnell binoculars and taking it with me while I travel. But seeing as I don't have the means to fund a traveling spree right now, I need to find another much cheaper activity than traveling!

Blogging is fun, but I can't spend all my time writing, right? :)

Monday, January 17, 2011

Zachary Levi sings!

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For you Chuck fans out there, in case you haven't heard before, Zachary Levi (Chuck himself) actually sings! And he's not just another one of those actors who just decided to try singing suddenly either - he sings pretty well, in fact.

Just look up his single with Katharine McPhee, entitled "Terrified" on the internet and see for yourself how adorable he sounds! They've got a really nice blending of voices going on their video. Plus, the song's really good too. :)

Here's a picture/screencap from the video. They look so cute together here!

image taken from the internet

Anyway, I'm excited for the upcoming episode of Chuck! Finally, my favorite shows return!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Craving for doughnuts!

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Doughnuts are one of my favorite comfort food! Seriously, I love every kind there is - whether its with filling or, the one with holes at the middle, or those cute little bite-sized doughnuts! But Cello's Doughnuts probably sells the yummiest doughnuts I've ever had! Not that I've tried a lot of their offerings, but those that I've tried, I really liked. It's just too bad that they only have a few number of stores in the country, and yes, it's a bit pricier than some of their competitors. Someday, when I have a lot of money, I would love to just lounge around my house - preferably one with amazing chandeliers - on weekends and eat doughnuts all day! Well, maybe not all day. I still have to consider my weight, after all. Haha.

Anyway, don't believe me yet? Here are some snapshots of their doughnuts, as taken from their website:

Visit their site to see more pics of their deliciously flavored-doughnuts!

They should put up another branch - one that is near our house. Maybe even only a couple of blocks down our street. Okay, now, that is too much wishful thinking. :)

Need more moolah!

Posted by austenfan at 1/15/2011 09:33:00 AM 10 comments
We all know that it's hard to earn money these days so I'm really glad that there are now so many opportunities to earn money online! I, for one, am very thankful that I'm a part of the PayU2Blog system, as they have consistently been giving me assignments ever since I started working for them.

I'm still trying to think of more ways to earn online, though. In fact, just recently, I stumbled upon this site that's sort of like an "online English school." Yes, you get to teach English online to students for a fee. If you're fluent in speaking in English and have some free time at home, then, it's a good deal, right? It makes me want to sign up and apply there too! How about you? Have you ever heard of it? Or have you had any experience teaching English to students online? How was it? Do tell! I'm trying to read as many testimonials as I can before I decide to try it out. Plus, I need to practice my speaking skills more!

By the way, do you have any other recommendations for earning some money online? Share it with me in the comments section, please!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Chocolates, stay away from me, please.

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Everytime I go near our dining table, I'm greeted by this basket of very, very tempting chocolates! And guess what? It's hard not to take a bar (or two) whenever I happen to pass by there. Don't blame me! I'm sure you'll do the same (if you're a chocoholic like me). It's a good thing I haven't been gaining much weight with the way I've been consuming so much sweets these days.

Although I haven't put that much effort in losing weight these past weeks, I don't seem to be gaining some extra pounds, which is a good thing. I guess that's a result of staying away from fastfood take-outs from McDonald's. But still, I need to start eating healthier food - more fruits and veggies for me! I still don't want to try some of those herbal teas that others say can help you lose weight. You see, I'm not much of a tea person myself - only chamomile for me. I wonder what other methods guys can use to lose weight? Do they have to go to the gym and lift some weights or are there some available mens fat burners for them to use? Still, I doubt they'll be needing to lose weight that much. I mean, I have guy friends who eat heaps of rice and yet still manages to stay stick-thin. I have no idea why their metabolism is like that, or maybe I should say, I don't know why we have slower metabolism compared to guys! Haha.

Yeah, I know chocolates are really yummy and I don't think I can completely stay away from them, but I'll definitely try to limit my daily chocolate intake. :)

Starbucks drinks I love.

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I don't claim to be an expert to Starbucks drinks since I rarely order something that I haven't ordered before. Hey, I don't want to regret buying a drink that I won't like! After all, it isn't exactly cheap, in fact, it's a bit overpriced, I think. Like that time that I tried their White Chocolate Mocha. I dunno... maybe I'm just not a white chocolate person. I know some people who quite like the drink.

By the way, from those that I've tried, here are the ones that I like best:
  1. Hot Mocha - Mocha with whipped cream, what else? This one's really good. You don't need to buy the mocha frappuccino if those two are just what you're after. This one's cheaper than the frap too! If you're diet-conscious you can ask them to make it nonfat and with no whipped cream, it'll still taste good!
  2. Peppermint Mocha (hot or frappuccino) - They only sell this during the Holiday season. It being so good helps in motivating me to complete the stickers for their planner promo.
  3. Caramel Macchiato - I've only had this one iced and nonfat. That version was not too sweet and tasted just right for me. I'm not sure how the regular one will taste, though.
Share some of your favorite drinks too! :)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Pictures and Cameras

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Everyone seems to own a DSLR camera these days. Of course, I don't mean that literally. It's just that a lot of my friends currently own one and those who don't wants to own one. Yes, that includes me! There's just something so fulfilling I think to be looking at great pictures and knowing that you're the one who captured those wonderful shots. Although I don't know much about photography, like how outdoor lighting can affect how the picture looks and what kind of lens to use, I'd very much like to have my own professional camera. Besides, I can always learn how to do better shots, right?

Still, I think getting good shots depends on where you are, or more specifically, what exactly are you taking a picture of. I think it would do you more good to take shots while traveling - to somewhere beautiful and exotic, preferably! You could take pictures of landscapes and sceneries and the people in them!

Hmm, I'd have to re-think wanting to own a DSLR camera. It might be wiser to save my money to be able to finance my traveling fantasies first before I save up some more for that camera!

I want this book!

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It's been a while since I last bought a book since I'm really trying save and spend less these days. But when this book gets released, I really hope I get to have a copy or even have someone close to me buy it so that I can borrow it! Now, you're thinking, "It must be a pretty special book to get me this excited." Well, it definitely is! Here's the cover:

image is not mine and was taken from somewhere in the world wide web

It's Ted Beaudine's story! If you're new to reading Susan Elizabeth Phillips' works, Ted Beaudine is the son of the protagonists of her book, Fancy Pants. And let me just tell you that I really loved that book! In fact, I could probably consider it as my favorite among her works (although I'm still not one hundred percent sure about this, I'd have to re-read her other books again to make a proper decision. Haha.)!

Anyway, don't you just love the cover? I have to say, I've always found redheads incredibly attractive. With that very red lipstick, red dress, and the model's provocative pose, it sure looks like a fun read, right?

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Dorm memories

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During my college days, I stayed at a ladies' dormitory. Yeah, it was sad to be away from home, but the dorm being along the Katipunan road definitely helped to make my stay there happy and enjoyable.

Back then, we weren't allowed to cook inside our rooms, except for microwave-heating, so naturally, the dormers had to go out to buy their food elsewhere. It was a good thing that you only have to go outside the dorm and you'll be facing more than a couple of restaurants already, all serving familiar home-cooked meals. Add a hundred more steps or so and you'll already have access to a strip of popular fast food chains along the highway. If the dormers had something else to do, like say, finish research papers, they could just order and ask their food to be delivered to the dormitory while they do their work facing their own computer monitors.

It really was fun staying at the dorm. The location of the dormitory definitely helped me in adjusting to living in a different place. But still, nothing beats staying at your own home, with your family and close friends. :)

When boredom strikes...

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It's funny how when we're really busy and still have a lot of tasks to finish, we just want to take a break, relax, and do nothing. However, when we find ourselves with nothing to do, we get this restless feeling and keep looking for something - anything else - to do. Do you feel the same way? Or is it just me?

Well, what do you do when boredom strikes? Personally, I have yet to find an effective way to combat it, although, I do try by keeping myself occupied with other things. Some of the things I try to do are:
  1. Remember if you have anything else on your to-do list. You might be missing something there. After all, it's better to check it since you don't have anything else to do, right?
  2. Look for some worthwhile activities, preferably something that's both enjoyable and enriching. I can't cite samples for this one, though, since I'm currently looking for a new, fun, and exciting activity myself!
  3. Talk to your family and friends - about anything under the sun! Talking stimulates the brain, and while you're at it, you don't notice the time passing by. Plus, you get to strengthen your personal relationships!
Now, I'll be off trying to follow my own suggestions. Hopefully, I'll be a little less bored afterwards! :)

Monday, January 10, 2011

Alternative hobbies

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If you're tired of doing the same old things during your free time, you might want to consider getting a new hobby to keep yourself entertained. Make sure it's something you haven't done before and that it's something that you can imagine yourself doing. I mean, don't pick traveling overseas as your new hobby if you're currently short on funds (like me) or if you don't have the time to do so.

Here are some activities that you can try and could probably enjoy:
  • Join a new club or organization. It can be a book club or a club for those who love dogs - anything, really. Doing this, you can get to meet new people who share the same interests! Who knows? They might even have some good recommendations for your new hobby. :)
  • Start getting crafty. You can start creating accessories using different jewelry making tools! Maybe you can even make some decorations out of recycled paper and other materials. You get to practice your artistic skills for free (or a very cheap price).
  • Learn how to cook! If you don't know how to cook (like me), then maybe now is the time to get some help from others who know how, and maybe even whip up your own recipe. Who know? You might be hiding some genius cooking skills in there!

How to relax

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Have you ever felt really tense and on edge that it seems like no matter what you try to do to get yourself to relax, you just can't do it? If you had, can you tell me what's the best way to prevent yourself from becoming stressed?

Here are some things I've tried. They seem to work for some time, until I start remembering what it was that had me tense a while ago:
  • Do some other tasks. It could be anything. You can try playing games on Facebook, on your mobile phone, or some of your installed computer games. Sometimes, I blog to keep my mind off other things.
  • Read a book. Actually, this seems to fit in with my first recommendation, but since I like reading books so much, I decided to separate it and put it as a second suggestion. :)
  • Have a snack. I'm not kidding! This really helps, especially if you just think of how what you're eating tastes like while you have your snack.
  • Get some sleep. This is probably the most effective way to de-stress. You get to keep your mind off things, plus, you get to rest and relax.
Any other suggestions?

Sunday, January 9, 2011

How do you look for jobs?

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Do you look at several newspapers, hoping that there are job advertisements with requirements that match your qualifications there? Do you use job search engines online? Or do you go to job fairs and hand out copies of your resume there?

I'm not sure, but I think the second option is the most effective one to use in today's world. With today's technology, you need not go personally to every company there is out there to ask if they have vacant positions that might be a fit for you. Looking for jobs in the internet is definitely faster and easier. If you want to look for an engineering job, you can just type "jobs engineering" or if you want to look for jobs that involve retail, you can search for the term jobs retail. That way, you don't have to spend effort and money in personally visiting companies in the hopes that they might have some job openings.

I'm not completely advising people to stop personally going to the companies, though. Sometimes (or maybe even most of the time), walk in applications are still effective in getting you that job that you want. It's not like every company chooses to advertise their openings online, after all. :)

Looking for a meme.

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It's been so long since I last did a meme on this blog, which is a shame, since they're always such fun to answer! How about it? Any memes you're curently participating in that you'd like to me join as well?

Well, if not... then let me just answer a couple of random questions myself, and let's see if it can be qualified as a meme (of sorts).

1. What am I doing right now?
Uh... blogging and trying to finish some of my other tasks online.

2. What did you do last before you started doing #1?
I read/skimmed through one of my favorite books - City of Glass by Cassandra Clare (the third book in the Mortal Instruments series)

3. What do you plan on doing next?
Eat lunch. :) And then, finish my other tasks.

Alright, I can't think of any more questions. It's actually a bit weird to be asking yourself questions, then answering them right away. Still, I'll try to make a decent meme next time. It could be my personal Sunday or weekend meme. Haha. Watch out for that!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Flowers still speak(s) romance!

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Flowers and chocolates - these two things are what a boy usually gives to a girl that he likes. I'm not sure who started this tradition, but it's been that ever since I can remember it. Actually, I think the giving of flowers came way before that of chocolates, but nowadays, girls seem to prefer receiving chocolates instead of beautiful flowers bouquets.

I can understand why some girls would prefer chocolates. After all, it's something that you could actually eat while flowers are just pretty to look at. However, for someone like me who loves reading Victorian age romance stories and listening to Bruno Mars's songs, I'll pick the pretty flowers anytime! There's just something incredibly romantic about receiving flowers that there's just no point in comparing it with chocolates for me.

Don't get me wrong, though. I love eating chocolates! In fact, I wish I didn't love eating it so much as it's ruining my diet plan. But when it comes to romantic purposes, for me, flowers would definitely get more plus points! :)

Visit my other blog!

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Here I am again, promoting my new blog - Where I Fangirl. I guess it's pretty self-explanatory what the blog's all about. You can get to read my current anime and TV or movie obsessions there. Actually, I'll be blogging about anything and everything that I find just squeal-and-swoon-worthy. :) Here's a screen cap of what the blog looks like right now:

Click here to go to the blog!

As you can see, I blog about all sorts of things, the most recent of which is my love for Chuck Bartowski. A fan of his too? Head on over there and let's talk about how much we both like him!

I've still got a lot of work to do to polish up the look of the blog, though. I'm finding it hard to decide which widgets to put in there. Also, I really need more visitors! So, if you've got a blog with a similar theme to this one, tell me and I'll add you up to my blog list there!

Alright, see you at my other blog!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Lovin' CityVille!

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Remember when Facebook games were all the hype? I think that was over a year ago, the same time that Facebook started to become really popular. Back then, the only Facebook game that I really enjoyed playing was Mafia Wars. I know, it's so uncharacteristic of me, but you know what they say - sometimes we find joy where we won't expect to find them. Uh, I'm not sure if there is actually a saying like that or if I just made that one up. Haha.

After playing Mafia Wars for a few weeks or months, I got tired of it. So, I stopped playing Facebook games and from then on just went to the site to be able to see my friends' updates - wall posts, photos, and whatever is going on with them at the moment.

Now that I have much more free time, though, I'm beginning to like playing Facebook games again. One game in particular made me want to play again. That is, CityVille! Have you tried playing it before? Basically, you try to build a city. You can build houses and businesses. You can even plant! I hope they would upgrade this feature, though. Maybe they can give users the option to plant using hydroponics, where you can grow plants without using soil. Now, that would be really cool! And yeah, the main goal (I think) of putting up your city is to become the city's mayor! I still have a long way to go before achieving that, though. I haven't even been able to finish some of my easier goals!

If you're looking to try playing something new on Facebook, I suggest you try CityVille. It's really fun! Plus, you can ask help from your "neighbors" (which means, fellow Facebook friends who play CityVille) whenever you don't have enough energy to finish a particular task!

I'm glad I have this blog!

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This blog has been around for almost two years now! Wow. I still can't believe it. When I first started this blog, all I wanted was a space for me to write what I want to write about, and if possible, have people read and appreciate it too.

I used to be so conscious of what I wrote back then. I kept proofreading every blog entry before and after I post them. Now, I just write whatever comes to mind and I just find my fingers typing along the way, talking about whatever it is that I happen to be thinking about or something that I would like to share at that particular moment. In some ways, it provides me with a feeling of relief and calmness. It's like after a not-so-good experience, I just blog again (it might or might not be about that particular experience) and afterwards, I find myself feeling better again. I guess you could say that writing gives me an inner peace, though, I must admit that I'm not very good at it. Still, it's something I love so it's something that I'm gonna do. Hopefully, as I write more, I'll be better at it - better at doing something I really love.

What about you? What is that something that you really love doing, which can make you feel better whenever you're feeling a bit out of sorts?

Excited for Gossip Girl!

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It's no secret that I love watching Gossip Girl. Well, I talk about it a lot on this blog so if you've been around here before, you probably already know this. Some of my friends have stopped watching it, though. I think the story was getting a bit too boring for them, but I don't know, I still find it fun and exciting.

Probably one of the main reasons why I keep watching this show is how everyone looks and acts glamorous all the time. It's such an opposite of how I usually look (which is very simple and casual) that I find myself fascinated by their spoiled and pampered lives. It's just interesting seeing how they spend their time, though the whole gossiping and scheming seems a bit too far-fetched at times. I confess that before watching this show, I didn't know anything about the Upper East Side. I didn't even know that that was where the rich people (who probably don't have to do any household chores that they don't even know how to use their own cooking tools) are! So, I guess you can understand my interest in watching the show.

Plus, all the convoluted romantic team-ups, unpredictable plots, and attractive cast of the show makes Gossip Girl all the more fun to watch too!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

New resolution!

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So, remember that list I made? The one where I listed down my goals for this year? Well, I have another one. That is, I will try to sleep earlier. I need to start sleeping so late if I don't want my eye bags to continue bulging out. That means, no more staying up late surfing the net for me! No more staying up to watch Kdramas and anime series that I really like!

I hope I get to do this. I need to stay healthy! :)

So, if you see me around Twitter or Facebook when it's really late, then, tell me to stop lounging around there and to sleep already! And if I ignore you, then tell me about my on-the-way-to-being-huge eye bags!


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Whenever I watch a movie or a television show or read a book, I always find myself rooting for a specific type of hero. That is, someone who's mysterious and somewhat standoffish, but once you get to know him, you find out that he's really a good person.

Of course, I want that hero to be really good looking too. As in, so gorgeous that an ekg machine will prove that a silly fangirl's heart beats faster whenever she looks at him. After all, we all want the protagonist/hero of the novel we're reading or show that we're watching to look good, right? I mean, who doesn't? Haha.

As for the girl/heroine, I prefer them to be witty and courageous, although I have nothing against those damsel in distress types of heroines too. After all, different stories/plots need different types of heroes and heroines to make it unique and interesting.

Speaking of plots, I have my favorite when it comes to those too. Maybe I'll blog about it next time. :)

Monday, January 3, 2011


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It's weird how everything around us seem to be full of contradictions. At times, even my own thoughts can be quite contradictory. For instance, you might think that you're mind is already set on a certain stand. Then you get to hear all these other sides, all of which, seem to have a valid point. And then what? You end up feeling confused and uncertain, instead of being more sure of what you believed in.

I'm not really talking about anything specific here. Actually, you can apply this particular kind of thinking in practically every kind of situation you've been in. It makes me wonder how hard a job it is to keep an objective mind, rather than end up feeling anxious and confused after all you've come to know.

Okay, here I am again with another of my random blog entries, hoping that whatever I've written made some sense to you guys, one or way or another. :)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

SB Planner love

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Since it's the first day of the year, I finally got to write on my new Starbucks planner. I know it's a bit shallow for me to have collected all those stickers and bought all those coffee just for a single planner, but, really, the planner looks soooo good!

I don't know which company manufactures their planners. Does anybody here know? Once I do, I'll definitely check out their notebooks and other paper products. The paper's so smooth and it even smells a bit like how a hardbound book (which, being book love that I am, I really love to sniff) smells like. It might all be in the mind, but writing in it gives me a sort of relaxing feel. I don't men relaxing in a way that's like taking a migraine relief, more like relaxing in the way that your thoughts become more organized when you write them all down in it. At least, that's how it feels like for me.

I can't take pictures with a camera phone, since my phone's battery seems to have given up on me. Just check the pictures on the internet to see how the brown Starbucks planner looks like!


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Before I begin talking about the main post of this entry, let me just greet everyone a Happy New Year! Here's to hoping that we have a blessed and fun-filled 2011!

I've been making New Year resolutions for a long time. Some of them, I've written in lists, some of them I just stuck on my mind. Some of them, I've been able to do and the others, well... not so much. This time, though, let me just call them goals. Now, that makes it sound much more inspiring to achieve, right?

1. Get a job, one that I will ABSOLUTELY love!
2. Lose weight and get more fit.
3. Be a better person, in well, every aspect that matters.
4. Learn stocks!
5. Be able to update my blogs more.

I guess those pretty much sum it up. As of the moment, though, I'm having a bit of trouble getting on with #2, what with all these chocolates weakening my resolve. :)
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