Thursday, December 29, 2011

Event security

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When you're organizing or attending an event, your foremost concern should be the security of the attendees. Lots of people are bound to attend the event so you need to make sure that the venue is furnished with the necessary equipment to secure the premises.

To keep a crowd under control and to make the event more organized, you can use stanchions, barricades, and a velvet rope. These are all effective means to maintain crowd control. Spare no expenses when considering these things as they are all for the safety and security of the event.

Once you've launched your event smoothly and securely, you can plan other upcoming events more easily. So, remember to keep security of the attendees foremost in your mind during event planning. Then, plan ways on how the event can become a success!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Holiday season

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I know it's supposed to be cold this holiday season, but I didn't expect it to be this cold - so much so that I developed a sore throat and a cold. And yes, it's a bummer to be sick during the holiday season, when you're supposed to be merry and enjoy the festivities. Haha.

Anyway, I just have to make sure that I load up on some much needed vitamin C. Here's to hoping I get well soon! I really hope I do! I hate having a cold!

Happy holidays, everyone!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

On being a doctor

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Finishing your degree and medicine and passing the necessary qualifying and licensure exams guarantees your position as a doctor. However, that doesn't mean that learning stops once you've finally reached that point. There are still several more trainings that you need to undergo if you want to improve your status and knowledge as a doctor. These advanced skills can only be obtained by participating in different training courses designed to make you more viable in the medical industry.

If you are on the lookout for a job as a medical consultant, then you might want to consider taking a consultant interview course to help you prepare for the application process. After all, you would want to make sure that your potential employer knows all your skills and qualifications.

On the other hand, if you want to try teaching in medical school, then why  not take a medical teaching course? If you want to pass on your knowledge to the would-be doctors out there, then this is definitely a worthwhile choice. You can also try the teach the teacher course, which can also help you gain the necessary skills to teach others.

To improve your leadership skills, then a medical management course would be perfect for you. It's only a one-day course, but will definitely improve your management abilities.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas shopping

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Have you been to the malls lately? If you have, then I'm sure you'll understand it when I say that I can't get any Christmas shopping done, especially during the weekends! There are tons of people everywhere I go. I can't even walk a couple of steps without unintentionally bumping into someone else!

I know, I know. This is what I get for not doing my Christmas shopping earlier. It's just that things have been so busy lately that I couldn't find the time to go to the mall and look for gifts. Plus, it's hard to think of gifts, which you think your friends might like!

I hope I can finish buying my Christmas gifts before the week ends! Anyway, would you care to share some gift ideas?

Talking about financial matters

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Let's talk about investments.

I have yet to make any serious decisions regarding financial investments. However, I know that it is something that every person must consider to attain financial security. But before all that, careful planning and analysis of the various available investment types is needed. For example, if you're planning on investing on silver dollars, then you should probably know where to get a copy of a morgan dollar price guide. If you plan on investing in gold, then you need to know where to purchase them.

Sounds easy, huh? Yes, it does sound pretty easy, but I think actually going through with your investment decision can be quite difficult. You'll experience having second thoughts, thinking if you've made the right decision and if it will really be profitable for you.

That's where the importance of careful planning and analyzing comes in. Make sure that you know what you're doing. Research on your choice of investment first and think of its pros and cons. Invest your money wisely!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Bloomfields!

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I was randomly checking out the different channels on TV when I saw this show featuring the band, "The Bloomfields". It reminded me of the days when I really enjoyed listening to their music. I especially loved their first single, "Wala Nang Iba". There's something about how they perform that's just soothing to the ears. It makes me bob my head along to the tunes of their songs and enjoy every bit of their music.

I'm not updated with the hit songs nowadays, though (especially in the OPM scene), so I don't know what's up with them. Haha. Do they have a new album? Do they still wear their Beatles-inspired outfits? I hope they still do! They looked cute in them! :)

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Investing in gold

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Have you ever considered investing gold? Although I haven't tried it yet, I heard that buying gold and gold bullion and then later on selling them can be very profitable. The value of gold does not depreciate so it's a guaranteed good investment!

However, I don't really have any idea on how and where to purchase gold, so I think I'd have to do some research on that first, before I try my hand with gold investments.

As early as now, we should start thinking of ways on how to invest our money. Remember that the earlier you start with financial planning, the earlier it is for you to attain financial freedom and success!

What other types of investment have you tried? Are they really profitable? If they are, then please feel free to share your stories!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Love is in the air?

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I've been hearing several stories of people getting engaged and getting married recently. What is it with the month of December? Has it suddenly become the new "love month"? And no, I don't really know if they call February as the love month. I just made that one up. Haha.

Anyway, while hearing all these cute and romantic stories, I can't help but think of how my own engagement would play out. Now, that's what you call wishful thinking! :) Still, it wouldn't hurt to think about it, right? If I were the one being proposed to, I would definitely appreciate receiving a ring. It would be even better if I can get to pick among an assortment of diamond rings! Of course, a surprise engagement ring would be welcome too!

Do you have any cute engagement stories to share? Tell me, please! I always love hearing stories about romantic proposals!

Shopping for the Christmas season?

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If you plan to shop for Christmas presents, then you should have already planned your budget for your shopping spree. I'm sure you don't want to overspend since you're going to have a lot more expenses for this month! If the shops nearest to you are having boxing day sales, then you better take advantage of it!

But before all that planning and budgeting, I need to make a list of the gifts that I plan to buy first. You see, thinking of the possible gifts to your friends and family is probably one of the most difficult task when it comes to gift-giving. You just never know if they're going to like what you've picked out for them or not. To be on the safe side, personal and practical gifts are always much appreciated. If you include a heartfelt letter with your gift, then they'll surely love it too!

Alright, here's to hoping that there will be more sales at the malls this Christmas season! :)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Interested in pumps?

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During the times when I stay in the library, I sometimes find myself looking at books about pumps. Yes, I know! I'm turning into a geek! When I was in college, I didn't think that books discussing pumps would interest me. Well, that just goes to show that interests can also change.

I'm not an expert when it comes to pumps. I still can't differentiate the function of each type of pump. However, with continuous study, I hope I can get more acquainted with these different pump types. Maybe a year from now, I'd easily be able to discuss how a coolant pump works and be able to understand the basics of proper pump maintenance.

Anyway, for now, I have to get back to finishing a report. Got any info on pumps? Feel free to share it!

Busy week ahead!

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This is going to be a busy week. So many papers and homework to do - I hope I can finish them all on time! Actually, I want to finish all of them ahead of time. However, I know that's not going to be an easy task. The best way to get all these things done is, of course, effective time management.

Time management - two words that we frequently use yet can be a bit difficult to apply in our daily routine. Yes, it can be hard to do but I hope I can effectively manage my time, though. I really need to get all these tasks done.

Any effective time management tips you care to share?

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Jobs to look out for

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I'm currently watching a show right now that deals with the issue of unemployment in our country today. So far, it's been very informative and worth watching. One of the major reasons of unemployment cited is the mismatch between the available jobs and the work skills that the applicants have. Yes, although there are a number of available jobs out there, not a lot of people have the skills to fill that position.

Personally, I think that the youth of today should seriously consider taking Computer Programmer Jobs. Whenever I log on to a job-hunting site, I would see hundreds of ads for computer programming job vacancies. I admit, I even feel a twinge of regret that I didn't take up something related to IT during my college years. Don't take it the wrong way, though. I'm still happy being an engineer. :)

Now, the biggest decision graduating high school students will be facing has to do with the path they want to take. Will they take practicality or go for what they truly want?

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Did you ever want to become a doctor?

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I'm not sure about this, but I think at some point in our lives, we all had that dream to become a doctor. Is that a prerequisite among children? Or is it just that our parents taught as that it's one of the things that we must aspire to become?

When we were kids, a lot of us probably wanted to wear baby scrubs, complete with a stethoscope, just to see how we would look like as doctors. I know I was one of those kids! Haha. Now, I don't regret that I took up engineering in college, though. It may not be what I have originally planned, but it's a profession that I'm proud to have. :)

What about you, though? What did you dream to be when you were a child? Did you push through with it or did your plans change as you grew up?

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Are you on Goodreads?

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Love reading books? Then, you must be in Goodreads! Goodreads is like your online bookshelf, which you can share to your friends and fellow book lovers. I haven't updated my Goodreads account for quite a long time, but if you have an account there, then please do add me up! Here's the link to my profile.

There are other alternatives to Goodreads, if you're looking for something else. One of the most popular book-related social networking site is Shelfari. I also have an account there, but it isn't really active. I like Goodreads layout and features much better, I think. Plus, I think there are more book bloggers over at Goodreads.

Let's share our bookshelves! Add me up on Goodreads!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Looking for Christmas gifts?

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The season for gift-giving is just a month away! Have you thought of what you want to give as presents to your family and friends yet? If you haven't, well, you're not alone! I'm still thinking of ideas for my Christmas presents. However, I would really like to give gifts that are personal and useful.

If you'd like to give something personalized to your friends, why not have a special coin made for them? You can give them military coins or music-inspired coins, depending on what your friends' interests are! Sounds cool, huh? I'm not sure how much these things cost, but I think the price would be worth it. After all, the coins are pretty unique!

Any other ideas for your Christmas gifts? Share them, please!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Accidentally deleted my blogroll!

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Uh, what just happened?

It seems like I've just deleted my blogroll. And I honestly don't know how it happened.

If you were in my blogroll before, just leave a comment here and I'll add you right back!

How my blog looked like before

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I decided to look up my blog statistics in Alexa earlier. While I was browsing through the site, I saw one of their features wherein you can see how your blog looked like in the past. I saw this blog's template two years ago and realized that I really missed how it used to look back then. If you haven't seen it before, here's how it looked:

Isn't it cute?

So, I tried to revert to the same layout earlier. However, if I do that, I would have to re-install all my widgets here and that would just take too much time and effort. I'll have to postpone changing my layout till I have enough free time, I guess.

By the way, this Alexa tool is called the Wayback Machine. Try it too if you're feeling nostalgic and want to bring back old blog memories!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Secure your personal belongings.

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With the innovations in today's technology comes the added threat to the security of our personal assets. That's why you need to make sure that your personal belongings like credit cards are well-protected. After all, you definitely wouldn't want to compromise your finances, right?

For your security, you can use the rfid blocking wallet. It's a wallet that protects your financial and personal information from being stolen (without it actually being physically taken). If I were to get a credit card, I would consider buying this wallet too!

So if you own a lot of credit cards, why don't you take a look at some information on this wallet? I don't know how much it costs, but if it will give you financial security, then the price might be worth it. Try and research on it and see for yourselves!

The Three Musketeers movie!

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I'm super excited for the film adapatation of Dumas' novel The Three Musketeers! Although the details are a bit hazy to me now, I still remember having enjoyed reading it. Hmm, I guess I would have to re-read some parts of it again so that I can appreciate watching the movie.

For fans of Lord of the Rings and Pirates of the Caribbean out there, Orlando Bloom is included in the cast for The Three Musketeers so maybe you'd want to see this too! I hope they do a good adaptation of this book. Since the book is very long, I don't expect them to show every scene that happened in the novel, but I hope they don't leave out any important parts. :)

Anyway, have you heard if there's also going to be a movie adaptation of The Count of Monte Cristo? Has it already been made into a movie before?

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Still have a lot to do

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The weekend's ending, but I still have lots of tasks to finish before the workweek starts. Don't you just hate it when that happens? Anyway, there's nothing I can do about that now, except to try to get all my tasks done. Here are some of the things I need to do:

  1. Update my other blogs. Maintaining several blogs can be quite difficult, especially when it comes to posting new entries in them.
  2. Make a list for my Christmas gifts shopping. I know it's still months away and I don't even have shopping money for it yet, but it's better to prepared, right? I don't know what my friends and family would like? Would my girl pals like some feminine stuff? Or will they appreciate my giving them something different for a change, like special-flavored cigars? Hmm, I might have to look at some cigar brands to figure out which one they'd care to have.
  3. Study! I still need to learn a lot so browsing some of my college textbooks would be a great help!
I need to get on with this list. Hopefully, I can finish all of them in just a couple (or less) of hours!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Have you seen New Girl?

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I've only seen three episodes but I can say that it's already turning out to be an awesome new show! I don't know if that's just because I find Zooey Deschanel really adorable or if it's because of the show's characters and their witty lines. Maybe it's a combination of both.

If you're looking for a new TV show to watch, why don't you try New Girl? If you're in the mood for some good laughs, then this show will definitely not disappoint. Speaking of funny shows, have you heard that the new season of Chuck will be airing in just a few weeks. From what I've read, I think the first episode will be shown by the end of October (I'm not sure about the exact date). I'm sure every fan of the show is excited to see Chuck, Sarah, Casey, and the rest of the gang again!

Anyway, try seeing the pilot of New Girl and tell me if you liked it too!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

I want a new phone!

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Yes, I do want to get a new phone. However, wanting is totally different from needing something and since I'm trying to save money, I guess I'll just stay with my current mobile phone. After all, I can always buy new batteries for cell phones when my phone's power supply starts getting drained quickly. That's much a much cheaper option than buying a new phone, right?

I would probably just buy a new phone when I've saved enough cash or when my phone starts getting worse to the point that I can use it conveniently anymore. A phone's purpose is to get you easier to be reached by your contacts so there's not much point in having one if it frequently loses power, anyway. Still, I don't plan on buying a new phone right now so I need to take better care with what I have right now. :)

By the way, what model would you recommend to me if I were to buy a new mobile phone?

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Want to see Adam Levine on a billboard!

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Bench, Penshoppe, and other clothing stores out there, won't you please get the amazing and extremely gorgeous Adam Levine as one of your endorsers? I'm sure a lot of us would love to see him grace one of the many billboards along the highway! Yep, I'm sure all the girls (and some of the boys) would love that. Haha.

And while you're at it, you can give away freebies - like free photos, shirts, and all Adam Levine-related things! Sorry, I'm getting all excited being a fangirl here. :) But seriously, I think it would do a lot for their sales if Adam Levine starts promoting their products. I know I'm going to frequent the nearest clothing shop to me just to see a poster of him.

Come on, fellow Adam Levine fans! Don't you wanna see him on a billboard too?

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Blog Feature

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I'm planning to do some kind of blog feature here wherein I'll be talking about my favorite blogs and bloggers. You know, those blogs that I frequently visit for their unique and interesting content. It's also my way of showing support for my favorite bloggers, who makes me even more inspired to improve my writing (and blogging) skills. You really have to admire those bloggers who manages to capture their audience with their every blog entry.

I'm not sure when I'll be doing this, though. I need to make a list of those blogs first! Of course, I already have my favorites, but I need to add more to that. Maybe you could do the same too? Make a list of your favorite blogs and I'll try to visit them too! This is a great way to develop your blog network and make new blogger friends!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Layout update?

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What do you think of the black, white, and pink-colored layout? I'm still loving it, but whenever I see the more feminine-looking templates of the other blogs out there, I find myself wanting to change mine into a more girly one too! Still, this blog's current template is pretty cute too so I might decide to keep it.

Another reason why I'm hesitating whether I should change my layout or not is my anxiety for the possible (?) disappearance of my widgets. I'm not that savvy when it comes to designing and tweaking templates so I guess I'm going to have to do more research on that before I change my layout. I've heard that there's a new way for a blog template to be changed without deleting the widgets, but I'm not sure how to do it.

Anyway, you'll know when I decide to change my layout! Don't forget to tell me your thoughts about it!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Party planning

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Never before in my life have I organized a party. A simple get-together is an easy task, but a party? I actually have little idea about the things that need to be done when planning it.

The only thing that I know is that the organizers should first decide on a concept. What do you want the party to be about? Is it a fairy-tale inspired birthday party? Or are you intent on inviting work colleagues for a more formal type of get-together? In that case, maybe you should hold a golf-themed party! I know that there are a lot of Golf Invitations suppliers out there, should you ever have a need for them. Personally, I've never attended a golf-themed party, but it sure sounds posh and classy - definitely something that corporate professionals would like to attend.

Sometimes, I feel like I'm so clueless about these socializing stuff that I need to take some kind of crash course just to know more about it. Haha. Does anybody know if these classes do exist?

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

What to talk about

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Whenever I blog, I almost always just talk about whatever pops in my mind while I'm typing away on the keyboard. Does that sound weird? I don't know how other bloggers do it, but that's the way I've been blogging for the past year or so.

Before, I used to have a clear outline of what I'm going to be writing about for a particular day. Now, though, I just talk about whatever I could think about. That doesn't mean that I don't take writing seriously. I still put a lot  of effort in blogging. It's just that my entries now are more spontaneous. I'm not sure if you can consider that a good or a bad thing.

However way you see it, I'm still happy with the way I blog. It may not be perfect, but I know that I really talk about what my true thoughts about certain topics.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Need new clothes

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I realized that it's been ages since the last time I bought a new pair of pants or even a shirt. Why? I guess I've just been too lazy to go to the mall during weekends to look for some new clothes. Plus, I've been saving up and as much as possible, I'm trying to lessen my unnecessary expenses. That means, if I still have clothes that work for me, then why bother buying new ones?

However, if I find something that really catches my eye, I'd definitely be willing to make it an exception to my anti-shopping decree! Hmm, I wonder what type of clothes that would be? Would it be some of these funny t-shirts? Or would it be something stylish and trendy? Either way, they would have to be really worth it to make me part from some hard-earned money. Haha.

Come to think of it, I'm so behind on what's the latest in the fashion world! Not that I used to care a lot about it before, but well, it never hurts to know about these things, right?

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Commuting etiquette

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For me, this is something that everyone should know about. Every person who rides the bus, train, and any other form of public transportation should know and respect the rights of those around him or her. Being someone who regularly commutes, I've had a lot of experience with irritating co-passengers that I think I could make a book about them. Haha.

It all comes down to respecting other people's private space. Remember that you all paid the same amount of money to get on that ride. That means you need to give each passenger what is due to them. Don't go spreading your legs wide open and making yourself really comfortable to the point that others will have to suffer. Think about the things others might do that can irritate you and try your best to avoid doing the same.

I'll be talking more about this in some of my other blog entries so you better wait for those!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Lots of fun with tomato battles!

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Are you looking for a new kind of fun activity, preferably something you’ve never tried before? Have you ever considered participating in a tomato battle? It definitely sounds fun and from what I’ve heard, it’s a game that’s quickly earning popularity all over the world. If you want to know more about tomato battle, then stick around as I’ll be talking more about this particular activity.

Personally, I’ve never tried being a part of a tomato battle before. I’ve heard stories about it, but I didn’t realize how big an even it actually could be. In my mind, throwing tomatoes was just a game played by a small group of people. For some of you guys, throwing tomatoes can denote dissatisfaction with something that’s being presented – like a play or a concert. Little did I know that people actually play a tomato battle – complete with the mechanics and appropriate venue for the game.

Now, do you want to try your hand at playing tomato battle too? If you’re excited to be a part of this game, then you don’t have to worry as you have a lot of opportunities to do so! There are several tomato battles that will be coming your way, one of which is the Midwest Tomato Fest! Just make sure that you stay tuned and look out for the scheduled date for the event!

If you’re planning to participate in it, then you better start learning more about the how the game is played. Start studying the mechanics and get ready for the battle!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Where are the pictures?

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You may be wondering why my blog entries don't have any pictures attached with them? The simplest reason for that is that I'm too lazy to search for an appropriate image to go along with my blog posts. Haha. Plus, attaching pictures to an entry takes a considerable amount of time and disk space, so most of the time, I don't bother using them.

Still, I can't deny that pictures make blog entries much more interesting. It's true! You'll be more inclined to look at a post with pictures than one that's just all plain text, right? Yeah, I should definitely try to put some images within my posts.

What kind of pictures should I use, though? Can I just use pictures from different sources in the internet and just indicate where I got it? Should I use pictures that I took with a camera? It doesn't really matter, anyway, as long as its relevant to what the blog entry is about. :)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Who's pregnant on Gossip Girl?

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There's only a week more to go before the new season of Gossip Girl starts! Weee! Who isn't as excited as I am? Haha. Anyway, let me warn you that I'm about to talk about last season's finale, so if you haven't seen it yet and you want to avoid any type of spoiler, then you know what to do. :)

So, who do you think is pregnant? Obviously, the writers want the viewers to think it's Blair, if only to create more conflict in her messy love life. (Isn't it convoluted enough as it is?) However, if they really want to surprise the viewers, I think they'd go for another character - someone that would be really impossible to think of as pregnant. Any guesses? Anyway, whoever this character is, will we see her shopping for cheap maternity dresses or expensive ones? Is it someone from the Upper East Side or not?

Your guess is as good as mine. :) I guess we'll all know the answer to that after seeing the season's first episode!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Busy times

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Hi everyone! I haven't been blogging all that much lately due to my busy schedule. It's hard to find the energy and creative juices to blog sometimes, especially when you come home tired from work. Yeah, it's hard, but still, I'll try my best to keep on posting fresh content on this blog!

In the meantime, I need to have a blogging schedule - one that would take into account my working hours and other activities. Speaking of other activities, that reminds me, I've yet to organize the set of pictures we took on our Manila Ocean Park trip. They weren't taken with olympus digital cameras and the picture quality isn't as good as that of an SLR's, but they're still pretty fun to look at! Come to think of it, I should have them printed too!

So, any suggestions for my blogging schedule? Do you think I should post new entries at least three times a week? :)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Gossip Girl spoilers?

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Who's excited for the new season of Gossip Girl? I know I am! I guess I should rephrase that question to "Who isn't excited?" Haha. Yeah, yeah, I know, not all the people I know watches Gossip Girl, but just let me enjoy this moment of giddiness for the upcoming season, okay?

So, there are a lot of spoilers on the net already, and although I'm excited to know more about what happens next, there's still a part of me that doesn't want to read too much of them. Why? I want to be surprised with what the writers have cooked up for the fans!

And what about Blair Waldorf's very confusing love life? Well... I'm on Team Dan right now, but that might still change once the show airs. :)

Sunday, September 4, 2011

It's the start of the -ber months! The Christmas season is here!

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So, Christmas is fast approaching! And although I'm excited about it because it's such a festive season, there's still that part of me that worries over the upcoming expenses that my wallet's going to have to face. Yeah, it's true that we really don't have to spend that much on Christmas since that's not the purpose of the occasion. However, gift giving has become such a tradition already that you just can't easily stop doing it too.

I guess now's the time to start saving up for the holidays to come. Now, if you have a special someone to spend Christmas with, then I suggest you better start thinking of ideas for your christmas gifts for him 2011. Make sure to make him feel appreciated and loved by looking for something unique and special to give to him as a gift! That's just the romantic in me talking, so forgive me if I'm starting to sound too cheesy. Haha.

Anyway, happy gift hunting!

Loving the new blogging interface!

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Hi there, fellow bloggers! Have you seen the new blogging interface? I love how it shows the pageviews, traffic sources, and other information that you'd like to know about your blog.

The improvements are really handy, especially if you're into increasing your blog traffic and statistics. And even if you aren't, well, I'm sure you'll agree that the new layout looks much, much better - definitely more modern and stylish!

Still, there's still so much room for improvement. I wonder if the admin have some sort of suggestion box where bloggers can file all their recommendations to improve their blogging experience?

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Accessorize your car

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If you own a car and would like to do something to make it look cooler and be more functional, then I suggest you take a look at this site. It sells different car accessories like lighting and wire wheels, which I'm sure you'll definitely want to get for your own automobile.

I can't say that I can relate to the car enthusiasts out there since I don't personally own a car, but I think I'd probably do my best to make my car look awesome if ever I do get the chance to own one. I've seen car owners putting a lot of effort and money to make their cars look one-of-a-kind (by painting it pink or putting on different stickers and accessories) and well, I think I'd probably do the same. I would definitely want my car to stand out!

Can you think of some more unique ways to accessorize your car and make it look a lot more different than the other vehicles? Comment away and share them to me!

Must update other blogs

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I guess it's understandable that I don't always get to update all my blogs due to my (somewhat) busy schedule. But as I say with all my initial blog entry, I'll definitely try my best to keep them updated. Of course, that's easier said than done. Haha.

Most of my blogs don't have a very specific niche. Now, I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing. Does having a blog without a niche make it easier to write new entries because you don't have any restrictions whatsoever - that you can just write about anything that you want? Or does it make it more difficult for the blogger since it's hard to think of an interesting topic to write about?

For you other bloggers out there, what do you think? Do your blogs have their own niches?

Monday, August 29, 2011

So many books to read

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This long weekend definitely brought back my love for YA (young adult) fiction. It started with Nightshade by Andrea Cremer, which I stayed up late for just to know what will happen with the story as I turn the pages of the book. Now that I've read the preview for the third book, though, I'm feeling kind of frustrated with it. However, that's another different topic so I'll leave that for a separate blog entry.

Anyway, Nightshade left me craving for more YA books and now I'm on a hunt for more. Hopefully, I'll be able to pick the best of the latest YA releases! You might be asking yourself what's so great with YA, though. For me, it's just that things are so much more fun and interesting in the young adult setting. Maybe it's because I'm still young (or young at heart) or because I just don't want too much cynicism when it comes to my books, but YA definitely works for me. I'm not saying that I dislike the other genres, though - just that YA will always have a special place in my heart. Haha.

The varied plots is also one of the reasons why I like reading YA fiction. The story could be about a couple who met through a free dating site or a different type of love story with a hint of fantasy. The thing is, the plot is sure to be interesting (at least, most of the time it is).

What about you? What book genres do you like reading? Any favorite book titles?

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Who else loves getting packages?

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Back when I joined book giveaways, I used to receive packages whenever I get to win the giveaway or contest hosted by the book blogs. Receiving these packages always gives me such a thrill. If the package is big, then that's even better! Imagine, using Martor USA box cutters to be able to open the package and see what's inside? Sounds fun, right? I think the fun in receiving packages lies not only in what is inside the package itself, but also in the process of opening the package and revealing its content!

All this talk is making me miss my book blog. Hmm, do you think I should update my book blog soon? Don't get me wrong. I do want to update it. It's just that with my busy schedule, it's hard to find the time to read a book and get to review it. I'm still not sure about this, though. I might be persuaded to do a bookish blog entry soon, depending on how much a certain book motivates me. :)

Excited for the long weekend!

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Who isn't, right? We'll all be getting a break from the stress and hectic work and/or academic life. That's definitely a good thing, don't you agree?

Now, what to do for the coming weekend? A lot of people already have plans to go on an out-of-town trip. As for me, though, I think I'll be visiting my relatives and then staying at home to relax and unwind. It's nice to be able to free my mind from all the work-related stuff that's currently going on. I'm getting all excited just thinking about it. Haha.

How about you? What are your plans for the long weekend?

Where I talk about financial matters

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I've realized recently that I still need to learn a lot when it comes to financial matters. I'm not familiar with the terms used in banking and investment so whenever I read business articles, I frequently find myself at a loss and end up wondering what is actually being discussed. Start talking about mutual funds and different types of loans and I'll start getting this dazed expression on my face. I even had to search the term car title loans philadelphia on the internet just to know what type of loan it is. It's not my fault, though. I didn't major in business while I was in college! Haha.

This actually makes me think enrolling myself in some sort of crash course in business or financial management. That's not definite, though. I still need to save up for some of the other things I've already planned. In the meantime, I think I just have to content myself with trying to learn things on my own - with the help of books and the world wide web, of course.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Mobile banking: Is it safe?

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I've tried online banking, and I must say that despite my initial security concerns about using it, it's turning out to be pretty convenient and secure so far. After all, these companies would have made sure that they've added strict security measures for their clients, right?

Mobile banking, though, is an altogether different scenario. First, let me just say that I absolutely have no idea how it works, so what I say here might be (a lot) erroneous. I'm not sure of the exact reason why I'm hesitant to try it. Maybe it's because I know how easily a mobile phone could be misplaced or stolen. And then, what happens? Someone else can get access to your bank accounts? Again, I'm not sure how it works so I'm only assuming here. Feel free to correct me anytime.

Anyone out there who has tried mobile banking before? How was the experience? Will you recommend it to everyone else as a service that is safe to use?

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Google+ buzz!

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It seems like everyone I know has received an invitation for Google+. So why don't I have my own invite yet? Haha. I tried going to the site and requesting for an invite, but up till now, I have yet to receive an e-mail from them telling me that I can now join the newest talked-about social networking site.

That means I'll have to rely on other people's opinion about the site to get to know more about it. For those of you who have already tried it: What do you think of it? Should I now switch from Facebook to Google+? How does the layout of the site look? Does it look sleek and professional or more of laid-back and inviting?

Yeah, all these questions just show how ignorant I am about Google+. Oh Google, when will my invite come? I've been a loyal Google user for years now, so I should definitely get one! Haha. Anyone out there willing to send me an invite?

Monday, August 15, 2011

How to save up?

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Although I don't know much when it comes to managing finances, I must say that I think I know enough to be able to tell the things that can help when you want to save up some money.

Here are a few tips that I'd recommend:

1. Know your priorities. What do you really need the money for? This should be clear on your mind so you'd know what it is you're working hard for.

2. Stay away from unnecessary expenses. You should first consider if you really need a particular thing before deciding to buy it. That doesn't mean you can't buy things that you like. If you want to buy a new ps3, together with a ps3 hdmi cable, then go ahead! Just make sure that it's within your budget.

3. Consider buying the cheaper alternatives. If you're not that particular when it comes to brand names, then you might want to look at the less expensive products. You could actually save a lot by buying locally-made products than those imported from other places.

If you're trying to save up, then how about trying to practice some of these recommendations?

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Diet, diet, diet!

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My weighing scale says I've just gained a couple (or more) of pounds. Since I'm still on a diet, then that's really not a good news at all. I need to quickly put a stop to this steady increase in my weight. What should I do? Haha.

I know it's my fault, though. I haven't been limiting my food intake. In fact, I've been eating more and more these past weeks. Yeah, blame it on free eat-all-you-can and payday dinners! Seriously, it's hard to eat less when you're faced with all kinds of scrumptious dishes!

I guess the best way to lose these pounds I gained is to do a bit more exercise. I think it's time for me to do those much-needed curl-ups to help me get that (almost) flat stomach that I've always longed for. Any ideas on how to start doing it? I've tried doing it before, but I've always gave up in the end since I found it too difficult. Should I start by simple jogging and aerobics first, then? :)

Sunday, August 7, 2011

National Book Week

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I got this from Facebook.

It's the National Book Week. The rules: Grab the closest book to you. Go to page 56. Copy the 5th sentence as your status. Don't mention the book.

Turbulent fields are characterized by two average parameters.
Well, it was the book nearest to me! Haha

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Handling your finances

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Recently, I've started getting fascinated with these self-help books - mostly, books about investing and budgeting your money. Before, I used to think that I could just figure out for myself how to spend and save my own money. That is still true, although I must admit that these books can be quite helpful too!

I saw this financial site just minutes ago and it gave some insightful tips on Debt counseling, saving, and investing. A couple of years ago, I would have said that I am too young to worry about these things. It's amazing how two years since then has turned me into a financially-conscious person, isn't it?

In case you're interested in learning more about these investment tips, then I suggest you try looking up some sites online. Information's free, anyway, so there's no harm in doing a little bit of research. Who knows? You might just discover a sudden passion for investing while reading some of those financial articles!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Love reading forum threads!

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Although I frequently go different forums online and read the threads there, I don't post replies that much there. I guess I just prefer reading other people's comments than sharing my own, especially at public sites such as these. I don't really know why I get shy around forums since I already keep a blog where I write anything I can think about. Haha.

Have you ever tried reading forum threads? It's fun to read the posters' reactions, whether you agree or disagree with whatever it is they're talking about. Sometimes, the posters even have heated discussions whenever they don't agree with what the other members are saying - sort of like in a debate. That's quite interesting, huh?

Don't take the commentaries there seriously, though. They're just fun for simple and carefree reading. Read them and move on. Remember, it's not wise to get into a fight with other forum members. Start forum hopping and posting, then!

Saturday, July 30, 2011


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I'm thinking of doing something with this blog's widgets. I might delete some of them - especially those that I don't really use to sort of free up some space in the blog's layout. What do you think? Does the blog look fine to you or do you think it needs some kind of makeover?

Another option is to install additional widgets might be of use to me. Some of the widgets I would like to see on this blog are:
  1. A search box where visitors can search through my blog's content
  2. A visitor information widget where I can see where my blog traffic comes from and how they got here
  3. Latest tweets widget, that is when I decide to tweet regularly
Hmm, I don't know what else to put here. You know what that means, then - it's time to search net and look for more new and entertaining widgets!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Writing about writing

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I like it when I read books where the author talks about writing. I don't mean talking about it in an explanatory way, more of they talk about it through the characters that they create. Sometimes, the lead character is a writer and as the story goes on, the reader gets to know how a writer's mind works.

I especially like these kinds of stories since it's like the author is trying to project his/her actual thoughts as a writer into the character. Of course, it still wouldn't hurt if I actually get to like the story. Even if the book talks about writing all the time, I still would not want to read it if it can't keep me interested in its story. Also, if it's a love story, then that would be even better! Haha.

There are several more things that I like when it comes to books. I'll share more of them in my next blog entries!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Things you like to splurge on

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What do you splurge your hard-earned money on? I used to think I'd want to spend most of my money on books, but now, I've realized that I would be better off saving it before finally deciding on what to buy with it. Nevertheless, I know there are a lot of people who have favorite things that they can't resist buying. Now, what are yours? Here are some possible answers:

1. Clothes - Whether it be hip hop clothes or feminine dresses, clothes-aholics just can't resist it when they see a pretty new top/dress!

2. Shoes - Well, I think this would be an obvious answer since almost everyone I know seem to have a thing for shoes.

3. Gadgets - They're a bit on the expensive side, but I think buying gadgets is a pretty good investment as you'll get to use them for quite some time. Plus, they're a great source of entertainment!

4. Movies - Yeah, there are these so-called movie buffs who can't stand not to see the latest and best movies that are currently showing. I'm not one of them since I don't see a movie unless I'm really interested in its plot, but I know a lot of people who are movie buffs.

5. Books - They're very addictive, that's why. Book lovers walk in a bookstore and find themselves helpless against the pull of those engaging stories!

What's your pick, then?

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

John Mayer on repeat.

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There are times when I want to listen to loud songs. Most often than not, these are times when I feel already sleepy when I need to stay awake to finish something important. Other times, I just want to listen to something familiar and songs that I really love. Then, there are times when I want to relax and listen to songs that are not that upbeat yet can still give you that much needed energy boost.

For the last one, I usually go with John Mayer's songs, more specifically, the songs from his Continuum album. Some of my favorites include "The Heart of Life", "Belief", and "Dreaming with a Broken Heart". Aside from these, I also like listening to the rest of the songs in the album. John Mayer's not one of my favorite singers, but I do enjoy listening to his songs from time to time.

Have you ever felt that way - like there are times when you don't want to listen to a particular type of song, but other times, you find yourself wanting to listen to them again and again?

Sunday, July 17, 2011

New Facebook chat - love it or hate it?

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I know it's kind of been a while already, but let me just say that I really am loving Google's new look! It's modern and sleek - it looks way too cool! That doesn't mean that I didn't like the Google's previous look, just that this one is even better.

Have you ever noticed that search engines and social networking sites continually do something to improve the layout of their site? I think it's a good move on the part of the web developers since it keeps the users from getting bored with the usual theme. Sure, giving them something new might not always sit well with them, but it keeps them guessing on what kinds of new features are yet to come.

However, have you seen Facebook's new chat feature? What do you think about it? Well, I can't say that I hate it, but I'm not that happy about it either. I don't know if it's because I got so used to how the old chat system works, but this new development seems a bit inconvenient to me. For example, I don't think the offline friends' names should be displayed when you open your chat window. I mean, for what purpose? You're there to chat with someone online, not those who are offline. It can even get confusing for some.

What about you? What are your thoughts about this new chat system?

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Career thoughts

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What's your dream job?

Mine is something that would let me do what I like doing. I need to be passionate about my work - passionate enough that I will keep liking what I'm doing despite the struggles that I may encounter along the way. I want to feel proud of what I'm doing. I want to feel like I have contributed something of significance to today's society. Do I sound a bit demanding, now? I could think of a lot of jobs that can satisfy all these; it just depends on your own personal preference and perception.

Of course, I wouldn't mind having a job that pays well, with all the other benefits like medicare supplement plans and bonuses. You have to feel that you're duly appreciated for what you're doing too, right?

Now, if you feel that you already have all those at your current job, then I'd say you're on the right path!

Harry Potter fever!

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The fever is on again as the last movie of the Harry Potter series hit the theaters last Thursday. As expected, fans of the series immediately rushed to the cinemas to watch the movie within the first two days of its showing.

Well, of course you must know that I'm one of those fans. Haha. When it comes to HP movies, I don't really turn into a critic. I don't analyze every scene of the story. I don't make mental notes of how it went in the book and how I would have wanted it to be played out in the movie. Although, I have to say that the primary reason about this is I can't recall much of the details of what happened in the books - I have yet to re-read the books, that's why! What I can say is that I enjoyed seeing the film immensely, as I did with all the other Harry Potter movies. I guess that's what being a fan entails. Then again, maybe that's just me.

Yeah, it's sad to see the end of a great series, but I'm happy, nonetheless. The HP production team did a great job in reliving all the wonderful scenes that I imagined as I read through the pages of the books years ago.

Come on, everyone! See the movie now! If you're a fan, you're bound to love it!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Decluttering my desktop

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My computer desktop (both at home and at the office) is so cluttered these days that sometimes it takes me a lot of time just to look for the file that I need to view. I'll soon get to organizing the icons and documents on my desktop, though, so I can sort out my files easier and faster.

Sometimes, I think I need a document management software just to arrange the files that I have saved on my local hard drive. You see, I have all these different kinds of documents that it can be a bit difficult to group them and arrange them by folders. Of course, I'll still try my best to do so since I can't have all these icons cluttering up my desktop. If I don't delete some of them soon, I'm pretty sure my desktop's going to be completely filled with icons in no time!

My files can be primarily divided into two major categories: those that are academic and non-academic. Academic files consist of those that I used back when I was a student. On the other hand, my non-academic files are the documents that I keep for fun and entertainment!

Alright then, I need to sort out the files that I need and those that I can now delete. Time to de-clutter my desktop!

Increasing your typing speed

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When I was a child, I used to get so amazed at people who can type so fast without even needing to look at the keyboard to see the letters that they're pressing. Back then, I couldn't comprehend how they could do that. I never thought that I would be able to do it as well. But now, well, I can type as fast pretty effortlessly.

No, I don't mean to brag or anything. I still make typing errors/mistakes, but I'm happy nonetheless that I developed some typing skills from countless hours spent in front of my laptop typing up school reports, articles, and blog entries.

So if you want to increase your typing speed, then I just suggest that you spend more time in front of your computer and just practice typing. Better yet, chat with someone online! You can have fun and keep in touch with friends while enhancing your typing skills at the same time!

Spread the Honda love!

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Over the years, Honda has become a trusted name when it comes to delivering trusted performance to our car/transportation needs. Now, with their sponsorship of several mini-documentaries and idents on Channel 4, consumers will surely get to know more about the brand and how it affects people's daily lives.

The Channel 4 documentaries will be featuring the stories of individuals who make use of their Honda products in unique ways. For example, there's Philippa, an Alpaca breeder who uses her Honda ATV to tend the animals on her farm. Can you imagine that? So, if you think that you have no other use for your Honda cars than just to help you get to the nearest mall or any other commercial establishment, then think again. There are actually a lot of ways on how you can make your Honda cars of good use. As for me, if I had my own Honda product, like Phillipa, I would also try to make use of it in a way that can help me make a living.


If you want to read more unique stories of how consumers use their own Honda products, then come and check out their online hub! Here you can see the other available documentaries about our other quirky Honda product users. If you have your own story to tell on how you use your Honda car in an unique way, feel free to post it at the 'Take part' section of the online hub. If your story gets selected by W+K, then it will get turned into its own mini-documentary and TV idents. Cool, huh?

What are you waiting for? Visit their online hub now to get to know more about these amazing Honda users!

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Thoughts on writing

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I've often toyed with the idea of becoming a freelance writer online. It seems like a lot of bloggers have already tried this and most of them sounds pretty much satisfied with it. The question is, do I have what it takes to write more professionally?

The thing with having a blog is that I can write whatever I want in any way that I want to. Whenever I have to submit articles for a school publication or such, I always fret about how the things that I write. Is my grammar good? Is my writing style okay? It's good to worry about these things, but not to the point that you lose the sense of having fun while writing. With blogging, I just randomly talk about the things that I like without fear of people getting all literary critic on me. Haha.

Also, I don't really have that much free time to be able to write several more articles, aside from my blog entries. Hmm, I might have to think more about before deciding whether or not to venture into this.

Monday, July 11, 2011

What are you saving up for?

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When I was in grade school, our homeroom teacher used to discuss to us the difference between short term and long term goals. Short term goals are those that you can attain within a short period of time - it probably takes a year, at most. On the other hand, long term goals are a little more difficult to achieve as this will require a lot of patience and planning on your part.

Similarly, we can also apply the same idea when it comes to things that we save up for. Some of use save money to be able to buy something - like a new phone, laptop, or even clothes! For the long term goals, some of us are intent on purchasing the best and cheapest term life insurance, a house and lot, educational plans for our children, a new car and so on. Whatever you're saving up for is your own choice - it need not be something that's beneficial for you in the future. It could be just because you want a new pair of shoes to wear. After all, it is your money and you're entitled to spend it any way you want to. But of course, I think it'll be better if you don't focus all your savings on buying all these short term wants. Think of those long term goals too, no matter how grown-up it makes you sound like! :)

More info on blogging

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Hi there! Are you new to blogging? Or do you want to try blogging but have little (or no) idea on how to start? Well then, I think I can help you. I've just recently started a new blog where I talk about everything that a newbie blogger has to know. I'm not saying that I know all there is to know in the blogging world, but I'll try my utmost to relay some very basic and vital information that every blogger must know.

I guess this will also serve as my way of giving back to the blogging community. With every blog entry, I hope I can encourage more and more readers to turn into bloggers themselves. Now, wouldn't that be awesome?

Alright, you can visit my new blog at Blogger, I Am. There are still just a few entries there, but maybe those posts can already tell you something more about blogging. See you there!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Book disappointments

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What you want to happen in a particular story doesn't always happen. There are times that the plot goes in the complete opposite way of how you imagined it should be. That's what happened to a book I read just a few days ago. No, I won't tell you the title and author of the book (although I think I did tweet about it then - I couldn't hold back my sentiment!) since I hate giving out spoilers.

We can't really do anything about those disappointments when it comes to book series and authors that we have come to love. After all, it's only inevitable that they'll come up with a book that is less than their usual standard. You just have to accept the author's decision and not take it that hard. I'm sorry if I'm sounding too exaggerated right now, that's just how I get when it comes to books. Haha.

After reading books like these, all I wanna do is do something light and fun. I would read the latest gossips, look for jewelry fashion trends for moms, or even read another book! Of course, that next book that I'll pick up needs to be sweet and romantic! Yeah, anything for me to forget my disappointment over that last book.

Missing coffee

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It's been ages since I last had my cup of coffee. Why?
  1. I usually avoid drinking coffee in the morning before going to or during work because I'm afraid that it's going to give my stomach a funny feeling later on. Gross, I know! Haha.
  2. During weekends, I'd rather have a cup of Milo (chocolate-flavored drink) than coffee. What can I say? I'm a Milo fan. :)
  3. I'm saving up so I'm doing my best to stay away from Starbucks right now, no matter how much I love their coffee.
Which reminds me, I'm already halfway through my planner. You know what that means, right? The Startbucks 2012 planner is coming! I'll be having more than enough Starbucks coffee to fill my cravings. Of course, it wouldn't hurt if someone would help me to collect those stickers. Anyway, that's still months away - plenty of time to convince people to donate their stickers to me! :)

Ever played basketball?

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Although I don't keep up with the latest basketball stats and news, I'm not that averse to watching the games either. In fact, I find watching basketball games fun and exciting. If you've ever seen a basketball game live, then I think you know what I mean. Hearing the fans cheer on their favorite team - that's something you really have to experience for yourself. Armed with a hotdog sandwich or your favorite fries and dip, you'd suddenly find yourself cheering on with them in no time.

Each game has its own highlights too, like when you see your favorite player making his signature dunk shot (of course, I'm talking about Enrico Villanueva here) or when someone scores a buzzer beater shot. Then again, there are also those down times when someone gets an injury (probably because they didn't wear any ankle supports for basketball) or when the referee makes a call that you think is unfair for your team. But that's part of the game, so there's nothing to do but accept it and move on.

Yeah, it does sound like an emotionally taxing game - that is, if you're that passionate when it comes to your team winning. Nevertheless, it never gets boring for me. And that is why the game will always hold a special place in my heart no matter how busy my life gets.

Now, I think I'm gonna go search for new basketball game schedules and see if there's a game for tonight!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Wii - do I need one?

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I have always wanted to own a Wii game console. Who doesn't? Have you seen the wii black? Seriously, it looks so cool that I'm tempted to spend some of my hard-earned money on it.

Since the day I saw one at a department store, I became fascinated with how it worked. It's not like the the other gaming consoles that would involve you looking at the television while randomly pressing buttons on your joystick. Here, you actually get to stand and move your body for a bit. Besides, you can use it for your exercising too!

Sadly, I've never had a chance to try it out. Yes, you heard that right. Although I've long since wanted to own one, I don't even know how it works - which is kind of ironic if you think about it. It's just that I don't have a friend who owns one. Plus, whenever the time comes when I've decided that I want to buy one, I find myself wanting to save then spend my money on other things.

Now, who owns a Wii? If I know you personally, then you must let me try playing it! :)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Romance authors... and my obsession with them

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Is it just me and the books I read or do every single romance author seem to have such a happy and romantic love life?

Seriously, every time I turn to the back cover of a romance book (to the part where the author is introduced), I always read something like... "(insert author's name here) is now happily married to her high school sweetheart and has three loving kids. Is this some sort of requirement for a romance author? Like, do they need to be happily married or else their publisher would refuse to sell their books or something? Or is it just that people who are blissfully in love and happy with their respective partners are the ones who have the ability to create such inspiring, romantic, and heartfelt stories?

Please don't take this post as me complaining about romance writers and how happy their love lives are. I'm not bitter or anything, okay? Sometimes, I just wonder about them since I'm a big fan of their books. :)

Monday, July 4, 2011

Managing blog entries

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You must have noticed that most of the time, I usually blog during Fridays and the weekends. However, to ensure that I'm not neglecting this blog and that I'll still be able to regularly update it, I've decided to do scheduled posts. Like this one.

Yes, this is a scheduled post. It's actually the first time that I'll be doing this so I hope it works. :) I'm really glad for this blogging feature, though, as it allows me to:

1. Post new content on days that I would've been to busy to blog. Yes, although I still regularly post new entries, it would be better if I can update it more frequently!

2. Translate random thoughts into an actual entry. Most of the time, I'd get all these ideas, wouldn't be able to blog about them, then forgot about them after a few days. This way, I can make something out of those ideas!

3. Get more readers, hopefully! An active blog always attracts more readers, right?

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Writing blues

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I find that I write best when I feel strong emotions, like when I'm really happy or really mad about something. Words seem to pour out of me much easier during times like that. I guess that's just normal since we all want to express how we're feeling and not bottle it up and make ourselves feel worse.

However, whenever those times come, I restrain myself from writing something that can be easily read by others - both people I know and do not know. It's much more convenient for me to tell them personally to someone I know than to let others read it, although I might consider blogging about it on an anonymous blog. :)

Then again, there are still times when I don't have to feel anything extraordinary just to be able to write something. Like this entry, for instance, where I just randomly talk about anything that comes to my mind.

Now, this is why I love to blog. :)

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Things to do when you're on a vacation

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Opportunities to go on vacation trips can be so rare these days. So whenever you get the chance to have a few days off from work, make sure that you make the most out of it by planning ahead of time your activities for your trip.

As for me, here are a few things that I would like to try once I get to go on a vacation:

1. Go horseback riding! No, I'm not good at it and I won't be able to manage riding a horse alone, but still, it would be nice to gear up, put on riding boots, and pretend like I'm some sort of master equestrienne! I think I've already ridden a horse before, way back my grade school years, but I can't really remember much of the experience.

2. Swim! Yes, it's such a typical vacation activity but for me, it always proves to be fun! Now, don't go thinking that I'm such an expert swimmer. That's actually far from the truth! I just love soaking myself up and pretending that I can backstroke for a bit. Haha

3. Get some souvenirs! I always forget to do this. Yeah, it may be a bit expensive, but I think it's worth it, especially if you can get stuff (like shirts) which you can actually use.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Decisions, decisions

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I'd like to think of myself as someone who pretty much knows what she wants and how to go about getting it done. But sometimes, you just can't plan things down to the last detail. Once in a while, you'll get this sort of gut feel, which will make you have to re-think all your previously set ideas. Not that that's a bad thing, mind you. It's unexpected, but that doesn't necessarily make it bad.

Okay, enough of all this serious talk. Just noticed that I seem to have little time to update my blogs except on weekends. Will try to make more effort to blog on weekdays, though I can't make any promises as my working hours are sort of unpredictable. And that is an understatement.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Keep Hanging On, Laptop.

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Meet my laptop, which has been with me for (I think) about four years now. Please ignore the messy background and the wallpaper (as that's not how it looks like now). Yep, it's still working, although it can be a bit moody at times. What do I mean by that?

1. At times, it refuses to start - meaning it just freezes up, and I'm left with no other choice but to unplug the power source

2. I do this because my battery refuses to work anymore, no matter how long I charge it.

3. I've encountered the dreaded blue screen error a lot that I've lost track of exactly how many times it appeared.

What do you say? It's time for me to buy a new laptop, right? But since I can't afford a new one just yet, I'm hoping this one will continue to hang in there and stay with me till I've saved enough cash!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

When you're having signal problems

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Losing signal can be such a bummer, particularly when you really need to call or send a message to someone. Mostly, this happens to me when I'm at the mall, the elevator, or some other secluded area.

If you're experiencing signal problems frequently, then you should probably contact your network provider. On the other hand, you can also try fixing your problems by buying a home cellular booster. I haven't tried it myself, but from what I read from the website, it sounds like it could do a lot to increase your signal strength. It's a bit expensive, but if can really deliver results as promised, then I'd say that it's a pretty great find!

In case you decide to buy one, don't forget to tell me how it goes! I might need one for myself too. :)

Waaah! BookDepository, I love you!

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Do you remember my post about a site that offers free worldwide shipping of books purchased from them, and how much I'm disappointed by the fact that the Philippines is not included in the list of countries that they send books to? Well, guess what? Just earlier, I decided to check out their site again (I don't know what made me do it) and lo and behold... the Philippines is now included in their list of countries qualified for free shipping! How absolutely awesome is that?

Hmm, I vaguely remember sending them a request to consider shipping to the Philippines as well. I wonder if that's what made them do it. Yeah, right - like I could be that influential. Haha. Whatever the cause is, I'm really glad they did it since it's much easier to find books online (especially those not-so-popular and just-released books). Plus, it's cheaper too!

Yay! I'm excited to make my first purchase from them! Gotta save up more!

By the way, the site's I forgot to mention what will the excitement. Haha.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Tickets, anyone?

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It's been almost a month and I have yet to get to my epic Maroon 5 experience blog entry. Hmm, I'm not so sure I'll be able to do it anymore. Although the memory remains fresh on my mind, it seems like I can't find the proper words to put how that night went into writing. It's either that or I'm just too lazy to start writing it. Haha.

Anyway, if you're raring to go see your favorite artist/band perform or if you want to see a game live, then you might want to check out some of these available United Center tickets, Daniel Tosh Tickets, New York Yankees Tickets, Jersey Boys Tickets, and New York Giants Tickets. Who knows? It might just be what you need to help you get that entertainment that (I think) most of us craves to have, especially after a very tiring week.

Have a fun-filled weekend, everyone!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Gift ideas for the graduates

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In case you have a family member or a friend who will soon be graduating, then here are some ideas and suggestions for you to consider when choosing the perfect graduation gift.

Before anything else, please do remember that whomever it is that you will be giving a gift to, then more often than not, they will surely appreciate it more if you give them personal gifts for graduates, and not just some random object that you happen to see (no matter how expensive it is).

1. Give them something useful - something that they can use at work, school, or at home.

2. Think about their interests and hobbies, then make your gift related to what he/she is passionate about.

3. Don't overspend! Make sure that your gift is within your budget. After all, it's not about the price tag, right?

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Slept for more than eight hours!

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Back when I was still a bum, this was such a common occurrence for me. But now, sleep has become more and more elusive for me - oftentimes, just granting me around 6 hours of eye-shut time. That's why moments like this - getting more than eight hours of sleep during weekends - are so precious to me now. Haha.

I wonder, is it just me or do all working people experience this? If I'm of the minority here, then I really have to do something to increase my sleeping hours. I need to cut back on my internet surfing and nighttime TV shows watching. Maybe I'll limit myself to logging on to the internet for at most three times a week. Hmm, I wonder if I can manage to do that. I'm fairly certain I could still blog with that amount of time.

Speaking of blogging, I'm not sure if I've mentioned this already, but I've started two new blogs! There's not much updates there still, but within the weekend, I hope to finish with the blogs' makeovers and then get on with writing more blog entries.

If you're interested in checking it out now, here they are:

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Fun, fun, fun!

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There are times when I just wanna lie in bed all day and release all the stress that has accumulated within me for the past week or so. Times like this weekend, actually. But when my friends ask me out to go on a trip, I find that I'd rather spend my time having fun with them than spend it just lounging around the house. Back in college, I probably wouldn't have done this since I see them almost every day at campus. Now that we work and study at different places, I think I can give up one of my rest days (aka weekends) to spend time with them. :)

Hmm, I wonder where to go on our next get-together? It'd be nice to attend a fun and funky party/event with them. The event doesn't need to come with Paper Culture birthday invitations (although receiving invites for an even would actually be kind of awesome), just as long as its a good place to have fun! Maybe we could go watch a fashion show or something - do something we've never tried before. Then again, we could just have some plain and old-fashioned good time by watching movies together!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Friendster no more?

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Remember how Friendster used to be so popular way back when? Granted, it didn't reach the same popularity status that Facebook now has, but you have to admit that it is pretty much the major social networking site back then. Actually, it was the only social networking site that I frequent that time.

In case you haven't heard, Friendster decided to change the theme of the site. Gone are people's profiles, together with the ever-so-popular testimonials from friends. I'm not sure but I think the site now focuses on music and gaming. They offered some type of program that will automatically export your photos and profile comments to the user's personal computers, however, I didn't get to use it. I think I tried to use it once, but my laptop refused to cooperate with me then and I just went ahead and cancelled the download. Yeah, it's sad that I won't get to read all those funny testimonials again, but I guess what matters more is that I did get to experience how fun Friendster can be.

I still prefer Facebook over it, though. :)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

No OT for me today!

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Finally, I got a break from working overtime for almost two weeks (including Saturdays, that is)! It's such a great feeling to not be too swamped with deadlines that all you can think about is how to finish them all on time. I love my work, but I don't like all that much whenever the workload becomes too much. I still have my health to think about, right? Work shouldn't take away too much of your time that you can't even afford to have a little leisure time for yourself. We need to relax and have fun sometimes!

But still, we need work to be able to live so we need to treasure it despite how hard and challenging it can be. And although most of us hate working overtime, we do have to admit that it has its benefits - the main one being the overtime pay! :) We may work for different things. Some of us work for our families, while some work for their own personal needs. Whatever it is that you're saving up for, whether it be an insurance plan that you got interested in from reading some term life insurance information or a new house and lot, then you better step up your game and strive to be better at work! Of course, make sure you venture in some other wise investments too to increase your profits. Alright, was that enough motivation for you fellow working people out there?

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Stress, go away, please!

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I've been working overtime for over two weeks now, and as you can guess, the results aren't pretty. I'm developing dark circles under my eyes. My face looks so pale. And now, I have cold and cough. Hopefully, after tomorrow, the workload will be lessened so I'll have more time to rest and of course, update my blogs!

Due to my being busy last week, I haven't yet made a blog entry on the epic night I had last Monday. Yep, you know what that is - Maroon 5 Live in Manila! Just thinking about it brings a huge smile to my face already. I can't wait to write about the amazing time I had at the concert. Stay tuned for that! I'll either post it here or on my other blog, Where I Fangirl. Either way, you'll get to read it and get to know how much fun I had that night. By the way, any fellow Maroon 5 fans here?

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Turning into a workaholic

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These past week have been really tiring and stressful for me. I've been in the office for way more than the required working hours for more than a week now. Sad, right? But no, I don't think I'm a workaholic... yet. It just so happened that I really have to go beyond the normal work hours. Does that make sense or am I just in denial? Haha.

Anyway, these late nights haven't really been good to my health. I've had the cold for a couple of days now and I think little zits are beginning to pop up on my face now, what with all the stress and lack of sleep I've been experiencing. It's a good thing that they're not so severe that I would have to treat it with a natural acne remedy. By the way, I almost forgot to mention that I still have work on Saturday, which means even my weekends are starting to get cut short by work! Waaah. Please don't tell me I'm turning into a workaholic!

Hope the next weeks at work will be less tiring and stressful! Meanwhile, I have to get some sleep now (since I'll still be working tomorrow). I'll post more updates next time!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

It's Monday again.

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Most of the time, it's frustrating how short weekends can be. They're the only times when I get to rest from the long and tiring week at work, so I guess everyone can relate with me here in one way or another.

During these times, I recall the days just after my passing the licensure exam when I was one of the people who were trying to find jobs that would perfectly suit them. Don't get me wrong. I'm happy that I'm working now, but sometimes I miss staying at home and just lounging around the house all day. Haha. I know I'm not alone in saying this! :) Well, that's reality for you. People have to work to be able to get by. Someday, though, maybe I can put up my own business and be able to manage my working hours, right? But that's a long way ahead. I've got to work hard first to make that happen soon!

Now, let me get back to my Maroon 5 playlist marathon. Adam Levine, I'll see you tomorrow! :)

Friday, May 20, 2011


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I'm not the fashion-conscious type (although most of the time, I think I should be). I just wear whatever I think looks good and whatever makes me feel comfortable while wearing it. After all, if I'm going to wear it the whole day, it might as well not be itchy and too tight/loose, right? Sometimes, though, I feel that I don't have any kind of fashion sense at all.

At times, I can't decide if the colors of the clothes that I'm wearing match or clash. When that happens, I just go with my instinct to decide which clothes to wear. It's a good thing that nowadays, we have the internet to rely on to stay updated in the current trends in the fashion world. All you have to do is to type either "new and beautiful dresses" and "shoes womens trends" to know the latest styles in clothes and shoes. Before, you'd have to buy fashion magazines if you're clueless about fashion and really eager to learn more about it. Now, just type in some keywords and your search engine can give you news and pictures of the latest fashion tips! Isn't that great? Although I'm not really into fashion, I still have to say that learning something about fashion from the internet is quite useful and fun.

To you fashion lovers out there, any tips you'd care to add? :)

Monday, May 16, 2011

Must increase my sleeping hours

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As I was listening to the radio earlier, I heard this discussion between two reporters about the merits of sleeping early. Of course, we all know that it's better for our health to get enough sleeping time - that is, at least 8 hours of sleep.

I learned earlier, though, that the best time for sleeping is between 11PM and 3AM. According to them, this time gives you the most restful sleep to help you feel more energized as you wake up. Now, I frequently sleep later than 11PM, and seeing how easily I get tired and sleepy everyday, I'd say that this information is definitely true.

That's why, starting today, I'm going to do my best to sleep earlier than usual. It's time to take better care of my health. I know I've said this before, but there's no harm in saying it again. Haha. Okay, I guess it's time to stop surfing around the internet and start sleeping now. You should too! :)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Bought new domains!

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Earlier, I got a little impulsive and decided to buy two new domains! Actually, it wasn't really a spur of the moment decision. I've been thinking of setting up a new blog for weeks. I just didn't expect that I would be deciding to start more than one blog. But since I already went ahead and paid for the domain, I might as well make the most out of it. I'm gonna do my best to update those two blogs regularly (once they're up!).

Hopefully, these new blogs will help my blogging career to grow more. Yes, I'm starting to take blogging more seriously. It has been such a fulfilling endeavor so in return, I also want to give it my best. :)

Wanna start blogging too? Then go and start your own blog! Anyone can do it, it doesn't matter whether you're a student or a Texas Workplace Injury Attorney - as long as you have the passion to write and express your thoughts, then you can be a blogger too! I can guarantee that you'll love it!

Managing my finances

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Now that I'm part of the working class, I think it's time for me to get more organized when it comes to managing my finances. For the past months, I tried to record all my expenses and earnings regularly, but sometimes (especially when I'm really busy), I forget to take note of where my cash goes daily.

To help me with my budget, I'm going to have to make use of an Excel spreadsheet wherein I can tabulate my cash flow. I know it sounds a bit extreme, but if I really want to get organized, then there's no better way to do it, right? Plus, it saves me from the task of manually writing down and computing my expenses.

Alright, I hope this method works in helping me check how much I spend regularly, which I can use in turn to find ways to save more!

Celebrity houses are so grand!

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Have you ever seen an episode of MTV Cribs or just browsed some magazines featuring celebrity houses? Aren't they just fabulous? Whenever I see pictures of their houses, all I can think of is "Wow! They earn that much?" I know that celebrity life is very luxurious, but I still have a hard time imagining that in just a couple of years, they'd already be able to invest on their respective houses.

Sometimes, it makes me think that I should just try and become a celebrity myself. Just imagine, jumping onto the olympic-sized pool at your home whenever you feel like cooling off or strolling around the gardens filled with colorful flowers and bird baths! But then I remember that I don't really have the looks nor the talent to make it in showbiz. Haha.

So this is just me, telling you how much I love looking at pictures of celebrity houses (no matter how jealous I get over it). If you have yet to see one,then just grab a copy of a local magazine that features them and see for yourself how beautiful their homes are!

Ever tried online shopping?

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Sure, I've bought things online, but those are the stuff that can only be bought online. By that, I mean things like domains, hosting plans, and other things that I need when it comes to blogging. Hmm, I think I also bought a Twilight shirt from a Multiply site before, and then met up with the shop owner to claim the shirt.

I haven't tried purchasing something through a credit card (not that I have any) and then having it shipped to my home, although I very much wanted to. Why? Because the prices are so much lower at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. The one thing that refrains me from doing so is the shipping part. Not only does it cost a lot (even greater than the actual cost of what I want to buy), I don't even know if it the product will arrive at my doorstep safely. Have you tried buying something from Amazon before? Someone sent me a package bought from Amazon before and I had to claim it at the post office. Thankfully, I was able to get it in good condition. However, that package just contained a book, so there's really no reason for it to get damaged or lost. What if I were to have a gadget like a phone or a camera shipped, though? Will I still be able to get it in good and working condition?

Have you tried buying gadgets from Amazon? Do share your experience, please!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

How to be more gutsy?

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In this post, you will not find me giving out tips on how to be gutsy because I'm not very gutsy either. Instead, I'm just going to talk about how very shy and timid I can be and hope that whoever is reading this can help me out and give me some advice on how to be more courageous. :)

Let me tell you scenarios in which I wished I had more guts:

1. I would really like to wear shorts and skirts outside the house. Why don't I do just that, right? Well, my legs aren't really what you'd call ideal. Actually, they're kind of larger than the average - a no-no for any girl. Yep, I need to have more guts when it comes to fashion. I don't think I even have the guts to wear camouflage lingerie underneath the clothes that I wear!

2. I've never tried the Space Shuttle ride at Enchanted Kingdom. My fears are justified, though, since I heard that there has been an occurrence wherein the ride stopped while passengers were on it. I'm not sure about this though, it's just something I heard from somewhere.

3. Sometimes, I have a hard time voicing out my thoughts, especially if I'm unsure about their validity.

You see, having some more guts can definitely help me be more assertive and have a stronger personality. So, anyone care to share some tips on how to be more gutsy?

Silog meals for breakfast

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In case you're not familiar with -silog meals, the word actually stands for both fried rice and egg. It's taken with either strips of beef, pork, hotdog, or any other type of food that will taste good with the egg and rice combination. They're considered as breakfast meals, although no one's stopping you from consuming them during whatever part of the day it is!

Lately, I haven't had the opportunity to eat complete meals for breakfast such as these. My work starts so early in the morning, and since I live far away from the office, I have to get up at a much earlier time than usual. Mostly, I just eat enough food to give me some bit of energy boost for the day. I could eat more but during the early mornings, I'm still too sleepy to work up a proper appetite! I might even need to look for some of the best creatine supplements just to give me the energy that I get deprived of from not eating a hearty breakfast meal! That's why when I get to the office, I immediately feel pangs of hunger and try to see if I managed to bring some cookies to munch on.

Hmm, wonder what I could do to raise my appetite during the mornings? Maybe I should do some bit of workout after I get up, get tired, and then eat some yummy breakfast, what do you think?

Thursday, May 12, 2011

A Blogger's Confession

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Although I don't like it, I know that some people may think that bloggers are just wannabe writers who doesn't have the guts or the ability to have their work published elsewhere. While a part of that may be true, there's still this little bit of hurt whenever I wonder if people might be thinking about bloggers that way.

Bloggers might say whatever is on their mind without censoring the not-so-pleasant details, but they do so not to get some attention, rather, they do it because their blogs are the only mediums with which they can freely express their thoughts.

Nowadays, a lot of rewarding opportunities are available for bloggers. They can get free passes to a movie, get invited to different social events, and earn cash through their blogs. Sounds fun and easy, right? If you agree with me, then let me tell you this: It's not. Blogging takes a lot of hard work and patience. Some of us spend hours just looking for the perfect template to complete our blog's appearance. Others (like me) make it a point that I get to blog even on the times that I'm just so sleepy that I feel my eyelids slowly dropping. Not that I'm complaining, though, since I love what I'm doing anyway! :)

If you share the same kind of enthusiasm and passion for writing, then why not create a blog to start honing your skills (and get to enjoy the perks of being a blogger too!)?

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Make your presence heard!

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During times like these when everyone seems to be hooked into getting in touch with the online world, it is important for any business venture to make their online presence heard too. Why? It's a sure way to promote any product or service to the millions of people who log in to the internet everyday.

Setting up a business website takes a lot of planning and preparation. Some of the foremost things you need to consider are your domain name and where you should host your blog. Thinking of a good domain name is pretty easy once you know the purpose of your website. As for the latter, you have to make sure that you get the best web hosting there is, if you want your site to not have a lot of downtime so that more people would be able to view it. There are a lot of different web hosting sites that offer good hosting services at reasonable prices, so it shouldn't be too hard to select your new web host. However, if you want to try using managed hosting and colocation, then maybe you should try out From what I can see from their site, their services look professional and reliable, so you might want to check the site too.

If you want to know more about web hosting, just post a comment here and I'll do my best to answer your queries. Bear in mind, though, that my knowledge on hosting isn't very extensive either, so I won't be able to answer your highly technical web hosting questions. :)

Havaianas flip flops, I miss you!

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Back in college, I used to wear flip flops all the time. Why? Well, because they're so comfortable to wear! You can wear flip flops, walk around the whole day, and not feel as much pain as when you decide to wear some other type of shoes. Plus, they're easy to put on and take off.

Now that I'm working, I've switched from flip flops to more formal flats and other closed shoes. I can't exactly wear flip flops to the office, right? That's why the only times that I can wear flip flops now are when I go on trips - to the beach or any other place that involves a lot of hiking and walking.

One of the most popular flip flop brands is Havaianas. They've got this assortment of styles and colors and flip flops that are just drool-worthy. And now, they're launching a new line of footwear - rain boots! Sounds interesting, right? Just watch the video below and see for yourself how funky and stylish rain boots could be!

Friday, May 6, 2011


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Have you ever felt excited and happy, yet anxious and apprehensive, all at the same time? I have - a lot of times, actually. It can happen due to several reasons, but the way I'm feeling right now has something to do with feelings that you get when you begin to like somebody. And by that, I mean really, really like somebody. :)

The last time I felt like this was way back my second year in college. That's more or less five years ago, I think. As I grew older and more mature, I started to realize that these kinda childish feelings of getting so elated whenever you happen to see your crush will start fading away. Well, guess what? They have, but not so much that I don't feel (even a bit) happy when I see someone that I really like. Sure, gone are those days when I can't help but feel so giggly when whoever I like talks to me, but deep inside, there's still that tiny feeling of happiness. I still feel happy whenever that someone talks to me, or even looks at me. I'm sure you've all felt the same way.

If you're not a fan of reading these fluffy stories, then I apologize for this fluff-filled entry. But if you enjoyed it, then come on, share some more of these love-or-crush-related stories!
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