Thursday, December 2, 2010

New Kdrama!

Posted by austenfan at 12/02/2010 08:35:00 PM
I'm about to watch a new Kdrama, that is, once it loads completely. It's "Mary Stayed Out All Night", starring You're Beautiful's star Jang Geun Suk and Moon Geun Young. I'm not sure if they really are the main stars of the show since I haven't done enough research on this show, but they're the ones I'm looking forward to watch the most. Haha.

In case you didn't know, Moon Geun Young played the role of the young Jenny in the Korean Drama "Endless Love: Autumn In My Heart", which was kinda a huge hit when it first aired here. I first learned about "Mary Stayed Out All Night" from Mysoju, since it occupied the top spot in the Top 25 Dramas of the Week, but did not pay much attention to it since I was still occupied with watching Prince of Tennis. Earlier though, I saw a clip of the shooting of the show on KBS World, and it looked fun, not to mention, Jan Geun Suk looked really cute, and now, here I am waiting for the streaming to completely load. :)

It looks like I can start watching it now, I hope it's good!


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