Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Dubbing sounds really different.

Posted by austenfan at 12/01/2010 09:00:00 PM
I used to just watch Prince of Tennis on Hero TV. I would patiently wait for the next episode each day to be able to catch my favorite characters on TV. Every time I watch a 20 to 25 minute long episode, I would end up feeling all happy and excited for the next episode.

Then, I watched the show through streaming and I fell in love with the show even more. The lines were so much better when read from a subtitle than when translated and dubbed to a different language. Hearing the original character voices was also great. Still, I appreciate the effort our local dubbers give in creating these shows. :) But, yeah, it's really better if you hear the original voices of the characters, especially if they're your favorites. :)

Since I'm becoming really fond of the show, I'm trying to look for stuffed toys of the characters. It would make me very excited to be able to see some POS systems take care of my purchases. I hope I find some Prince of Tennis related merchandise! I'm planning to look for them at Comic Alley, do you guys know any other anime stores?


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