Saturday, November 27, 2010

Need to get pretty.

Posted by austenfan at 11/27/2010 03:16:00 PM
Now, please don't go judging me just because of this entry's title. What I meant was, now that the board exam's finished, I need to go back to taking good care of myself once again. More specifically, I need to go back to applying my facial care routine again.

I stopped using toners, moisturizers, and eye creams while I was reviewing for the exam because it took up too much time and back then, I needed to put those minutes into studying. But now that the exam's done, I can't continue to neglect my skin care again or else I might have to use a face lift cream soon.

Anyway, I'm still deciding whether to go ahead with my current eye cream since the last time I checked, it seems like I developed some unwanted spots around the eye area when I applied it. Hmm, could it be that my skin was just adjusting to the cream or should I go ahead and try another eye cream that suits me better? What do you guys think? :)


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