Saturday, October 16, 2010

Cure for the dry lips

Posted by austenfan at 10/16/2010 09:51:00 AM
My lips are unbelievably dry. Even though I manage to keep myself hydrated most of the time, they stubbornly remain being irritatingly dry. Plus, I have oily skin, so doesn't it necessarily follow that I shouldn't have dry lips? Apparently, that's not how it goes. But really, sometimes, I get so jealous of girls who have perfect hair, normal skin, luscious figures who probably have no need of the best diet pill for women to keep their bodies fit! Let me put some emphasis on the word "sometimes", cause no matter how much jealous I may be, I don't want people thinking I'm some kind of gorgeous girl-hater. :)

Anyway, going back to the topic... I found this amazingly good lip balm for my lips!

image is from the Blistex official site

It gives my lips a bit of color, which I need especially at times when they look so pale, without looking like I actually applied a lip color on them. Naturally, it also keeps my lips from drying and protects them from the sun. Yep, this one's definitely a keeper! :)


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