Saturday, October 16, 2010

I used to...

Posted by austenfan at 10/16/2010 12:32:00 PM
Now, I begin this post with another list, entitled "I used to..." which - you got that right - is a list of the things I used to do or be before, and sometimes still do up to now. Haha. Here they are:

  • I used to be really conscious of my pimples. During the start of my teenage years, they just started popping up everywhere, so naturally, I was super conscious of them since everyone around me still had that perfect, flawless skin! I used to obsess about how to treat them. If I've managed to read some proactive reviews back then, I would have tried using it too. It's good that now I only get the occasional pimple or two on my face.
  • I used to be a a big, big fan of the Spice Girls. Wow, I can remember those days when I collected music magazines that mentions their names or has their pictures on them. Ginger Spice was my favorite member back ten so you could just imagine how upset it made me when I learned that she's leaving the group! Almost every song in their albums were a hit, I can't imagine anyone who wasn't a fan of the group. :)
  • I used to love watching cartoon shows like Dexter's laboratory and Little Lulu! Have you ever seen them? Now though, I think I've spent all my love for cartoons since I don't watch Spongebob squarepants as much as some of my friends do. But seriously, tell me. Is that weird of me, cause honestly, I think that's pretty normal and my friends are the ones who are a bit weird. Haha.


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