Sunday, October 3, 2010

Don't have the time for books

Posted by austenfan at 10/03/2010 08:22:00 PM
I should really stay away from bookstores. Every time I go inside one, I either end up buying a book or feeling all sad that I wasn't able to buy a book that I really wanted. Besides, I gotta save up. I can't go around buying books now that I'm no longer a student. Saving needs to be one of my priorities now.

All that is not the main reason for my shying away from books, though. If you've been by this blog for more than a couple of times, I'm sure you already know that I'll be taking the board exams this November (since I've been mentioning it in most of my blog entries) so I can't spend a lot of time reading books. Well, I can, with books like chemistry, unit operations, and so on. Haha. :)


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