Sunday, September 19, 2010

Things to do (part 3)

Posted by austenfan at 9/19/2010 08:27:00 PM
I don't remember much of what I wrote in the second installment of my things to do blog entry. But here's another lost of what I need to do in the upcoming days:
  • Memorize! Yes, I need to make write down all the formulas that I would need to memorize for the upcoming exam. Whoa. There's so much to memorize... so much that I almost don't want to think about it. Haha.
  • Vitamins! I need to buy vitamins and take them regularly to keep my strength up so I can stay up late at nights to study. Aside from taking some vitamin C, I'm also thinking of trying out some vitamin E. I heard it's really good for the skin and with all these sleep-deprived days, I really need something to do wonders for my skin. :)
  • Lessen the time I spend on the internet and on watching TV. In turn, I need to use the time on doing more of - you know it - studying. :)
  • Try to get back to my weight loss plan. This has really taken a back seat lately, but now that I'm gaining some weight again, I need to regulate my eating habits again and do more exercises!


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