Saturday, September 18, 2010

I can't help it.

Posted by austenfan at 9/18/2010 01:05:00 AM
Though most of the time, I find it shallow to keep watch of the latest Hollywood or local entertainment gossip, I still find myself listening to these entertainment news shows or searching for the latest juicy details on the internet. Never mind that some of these celebrities only care about looking good in front of the camera, wearing the best clothes and staying super slim (I don't know how they do it, either they only eat healthy food or ask other people what is the best diet pill for women.). I still find the little stories that reporters always seem to find out interesting and most of the time, even amusing.

Oh well, I guess we all need ways to relieve some of the stress in our lives. And turning to the latest gossip is a sure way (at least for me) to relax and unwind a bit. Haha. How about you? Don't you just like hearing a little bit of entertainment gossip? :)

By the way, this post was not meant to mock celebrities. I just wanted to talk about how I can't help but like hearing a little bit of showbiz news. :)


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