Saturday, September 4, 2010

Here comes the -ber months.

Posted by austenfan at 9/04/2010 05:35:00 PM
Yep, it's September already, which means... there's only a little more than two months left before the days. If you don't already know yet, by day, I mean the board exam. I can feel the panic slowly creeping up on me. Wow, two months. I can't believe it it's only two months away.

Ok, I must not panic. How do you even do that? Think of other things? Try to put it off your mind? Only, I can't do that cause I have to think about it. I have to. :)

By now, I'm already planning on how I can keep myself awake for the late nights I'm sure are to come. Coffee? Countless little cookies? That energizer drink (which goes by the name of a type of snake) that everyone apparently seems to think is bad for your health but have at least, once, drank a bottle, anyway?


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