Sunday, August 1, 2010

Time to focus

Posted by austenfan at 8/01/2010 09:25:00 PM
Today is the first day August. That means there's only a little more than three months before I take the board exams. You know what that means... I really need to start studying the necessary lessons more seriously. Earlier, I wrote down all the concepts that I needed to learn for this month. Seeing them listed there can be a little daunting, I must admit. However, it also seemed to serve as a wake up call and a sort of motivation. :)

Who knows? If I can really manage to study all those unit operations in a month, I would not have to search for some fat burners that work to lose some weight. Of course, I don't mean that I want to lose so much weight to the point of being unhealthy. I would be satisfied if I could lose ten pounds more or so. Haha.

I hope I can manage to observe the study schedule that I set so I would not have to cram some of the subjects that I need to learn. How about you? Any study habits that you care to share? It can be anything, as long as it has worked great for you. :)


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