Wednesday, August 4, 2010

How to not sleep (tips)

Posted by austenfan at 8/04/2010 09:05:00 PM
I know, I know. What right do I have to give advice on ways to stay awake even when all you want to do is lie on your comfy mattress and sleep? Well, I can try to give some tips that I think might help, though of course I'm not claiming that I always follow them or that they always work for me.

Okay, here are some of those tips:

1. Make sure that you have a glass or bottle of water nearby. Water helps make you feel energized for the long hours that you intend to stay up for.
2. If water helps, then so does food. Eating snacks can help you fight of sleepiness. However, I don't really recommend this one especially if you're trying to lose weight (like me). Haha.
3. Make sure that you're actually doing what you are supposed to be doing. Get busy! Once you're busy, you'll fight off the urge to close your eyes.
4. Don't go thinking that you'll just take a short nap, then wake up feeling all refreshed. I'm not sure if you've tried doing this before, but it does not do the trick for me at all. Haha.


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