Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Posted by austenfan at 7/27/2010 10:25:00 PM
These past few weeks, I've noticed that I seem to be letting go of my too-much-need for the internet. Before, I couldn't go on a day without logging on to the net, but now, I feel like I can manage to stay off of it unless I really need to use it. Like now, for instance. :)

So yeah, you could say that that's a bit unusual for me. Oooh, is this another sign of maturity? Maybe yes. Maybe I was just to sleepy that time to spare the time in logging on to the world wide web. Whatever the reason is, well, it still is unusual. Haha.

Another thing that you could say is unusual for me is how I don't seem to be caring at all about my weight. I used to constantly look at the digital scale, hoping that a few pounds have been shed off, but now, I'm all like "Oh I gained a pound. Sad, but I'll make sure that I'll lose it again." My optimism would have been a good thing - if I was doing anything to actually make it come true. Haha. Sure, I still haven't tried reading some diet pill reviews yet, but if I gain a couple more or so pounds, I think I just might start taking a look at them! :) For now, though, I'm gonna stick with staying away from junk food and trying to eat healthy food (I hope).


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