Saturday, July 10, 2010

Luke Brandon is love.

Posted by austenfan at 7/10/2010 08:29:00 PM
So, this afternoon, I've been re-reading my Shopaholic (by Sophie Kinsella) books. Not really reading it fully, just going back to those parts that I loved, which is basically, anything with Luke Brandon in it. :)

Though, of course, all the other Luke-free scenes were a riot too. Becky Bloomwood is this incredibly vibrant girl who's so in to fashion and anything that involves shopping that it makes me want to buy all those wonderful shoes she always seem to be craving for. What's interesting, though, is that I don't think the book has ever mentioned anything about Becky's appearance - the color of her hair, her height, figure, or whatsoever. But I don't think she'd ever need an acne treatment gel since I don't think I've read about her getting any major skin problems or anything. :)

Anyway, if you'd like to read something fun(ny) and would not mind reading about clothes and shoes most of the time, you could try this one. Laugh out loud scenes guaranteed!


FYI, the first book, Confessions of a Shopaholic has been turned into a movie, starring Isla Fisher as the shopaholic Becky Bloomwood herself. :)


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