Sunday, July 4, 2010

Driving and me (before, at least)

Posted by austenfan at 7/04/2010 04:29:00 PM
A year ago, I took to driving lessons even though (no, I'm not a rich kid), I don't have my own car. But I figured it's something that I'm eventually gonna need to learn, plus, knowing how to drive is sort of cool, ya know? :) Who would not want to drive something sleek, like a Ford Explorer (not that we had one. Haha.)? So I signed up for some lessons thinking that it'll be fun and all that. And it was. For the first part, anyway. It's incredible that in just a matter of 2 hours, I already knew how to drive - not drive well, but I mean, I was able to make the car move in a straight path and managed not to bump into anything, which was fortunate, or else I would have had to enlist the help of a repair shop. If I was in LA, I'd be needing some Los Angeles auto repair help. Of course, that was with the driving instructor's help.

Here comes the not-so-good part. I don't like it when I get reprimanded for something that I think is not really a big deal, especially if the said reprimand did not come from my parents. Well, a similar situation happened during one of my driving lesson sessions. My instructor told me that I was not practicing enough and that I have to do try harder. I don't know why those words really got to me. Maybe because they're true, or maybe because they were delivered in a hurtful manner. I just know that after that, I grew weary of attending driving lessons.

Nevertheless, I think I still remember the basics of driving and I'd still like to learn more about the process. I want to know, like what a head gasket is, or how to change a car's tires, and other car-related things. Hmm, I'm not sure about the latter part, it sounds like too much of a guy thing to do. :)


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