Friday, June 25, 2010

Blogging, etc.

Posted by austenfan at 6/25/2010 10:00:00 PM
Today was a busy day. It felt like I'd been working nonstop for such a long time when it has only been - what? - 5 to 6 hours? Despite that, it was kinda fulfilling. Knowing that I did something productive in that amount of time makes me feel happy and a bit proud of myself. I'm sure you've felt the same way before. :)

But with all that business, I still make it a point that I have time to blog. Not only is it a good practice for my, ehem, writing skills, it also serves as a somewhat stress reliever for me. It feels good whenever I get to express what I feel or think, especially during those times when I need to let it out. I still remember those days when I was a newbie blogger, trying to find the cutest layout for my blog, trying to figure out what SEO (like the Chicago Search Engine Optimization) is, and of course, meeting fellow bloggers in the world wide web. It's been great. I've learned a lot from blogging. Don't ask me to enumerate them, I just know that I did learn a lot. Haha. So, I'm glad whenever a friend becomes interested in starting a blog as well. I know they'll love it. :)

Anyone out there a newbie blogger? Come, say hi! :)


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