Friday, February 5, 2010

The Dorm Life

Posted by austenfan at 2/05/2010 07:43:00 AM
On my first year in college, I had to travel all the way from Cavite (my home) to school (which is in Quezon City) and vice versa. I know! I was always so tired when I got home that I'd only have time to finish all my homework before I go to sleep. However, when the second semester of the next year came, I decided that I had to take the plunge and look for a dormitory/boarding house that can fit my needs.

Dorm life isn't so easy. It's hard to adjust to it especially if you've been living with your parents for the past 16 years, regularly enjoying the food your mother cooks, the comfort of sleeping in your own bed, etc. Though there are only two major things that I really had to adjust on: food and space.

Since we can't cook here, I always have to buy cooked meals. [And let me tell you, I think that's the primary cause of my weight gain!] Such a hassle, right? Plus, the meals available from around here isn't exactly cheap. But after about 3 years of staying here, I've learned to cope with it - by buying cheaper delivered home-cooked meals and just making sandwiches for myself. :)

Another thing that kinda bothered me was the space. I had to share a room with two other dormers. So as much as I wanted to put some school and office furniture in it, those just would not fit in such a small room! I just had to make do with piling up my books and using the smallest amount of space possible to be considerate to my roommates.

Yep, dorm life isn't so easy. But it's fun! I get to interact with others and become more independent, something that I think every college student must learn to do! :)


Femmepower on February 6, 2010 at 7:09 AM said...

I've never experienced living in a dorm back in my college days but I believe it's good way of training you to be independent.We Filipinos are very attached to our families that even when married,some of us still live with the parents.We can't seem to let go,for some reasons.

When you're out on your own,u have to wash your own laundry, fix your room, and u miss your mom's cooking, right? But it's also cool to be able to decide on your own and look after yourself.=)

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