Monday, January 25, 2010

Who plays Scrabble?

Posted by austenfan at 1/25/2010 04:30:00 PM
Ever since I learned how to play Scrabble, I've liked it. I like how everyone has equal chances to win. It's not like Chess, where you have to plan your moves and always be in defensive mode. Scrabble largely depends on what tiles you get. If you get the premium tiles [X, J, Z, Q], then you're lucky. You can return a high-scoring move. But if you get a set of tiles that looks like this - U-I-I-I-O-U-L, then you better think hard for a word to squeeze into the game table. Or better yet, go for a Change, where you can change your tiles (at the expense of a move) and hope that your opponent's rack looks similar to yours before so he/she can't do away with a high score.

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In high school, I was a member of the 'Scrabble Club'. No, we were not the best in Scrabble in our school. We're just the ones who didn't want to join the choir, the dance clubs, or the varsity teams; thus, we ended up at Scrabble Club. Well, I speak for myself. Maybe there's someone there who's genuinely addicted to playing scrabble. :p Anyway, now in college, due to the same reasons I mentioned, I decided to take up Scrabble as the last one in my required PE (physical education) classes.

Is it fun? Yes, in the sense that I have fun playing scrabble because I like doing it.
And no, because it gets me frustrated and a bit angry at times.

Especially when an opponent puts a word like this,


and I'm too much of a chicken to challenge it. After which, said person then goes on to put an S at the end of the word [with something else across]. Argh.

Oh well, I don't blame my opponent. I blame myself. For not taking risks. This is, after all, competitive scrabble.


I found out that queek is actually a word (meaning queer geek), but still! I'm sure it's not an acceptable Scrabble word. :p


Prerna on January 25, 2010 at 9:47 PM said...

lol...i really admire ur thoughts abt Scrabble and i njoed reading ur post :)

austenfan on January 26, 2010 at 3:39 PM said...

Hi Prerna! Thanks for dropping by. :)

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