Saturday, May 23, 2009

We Just Wanna Have Fun!

Posted by austenfan at 5/23/2009 10:19:00 PM
At the last day of our Eng 30 class, we (as in the whole class) presented our group proposals. Ours was on Waste Reduction through Alternative Means of Product Distribution. GEEKY, I know! LOL. I and my groupmates, smug human beings that we were, thought that our proposal was the best and designated ourselves as the other groups' critics. My (or our) bad. But we were bored AND nervous at the same time, so that's what we did. :p

One of the groups reported on the deterioration of the quality of Philippine television. They cited several examples, including the countless number of soap operas and game shows today.
I agree with them at some point. There really are too much soaps today. But their main argument didn't really sit well with me. According to them, the shows today don't provide any real intellectual or moral knowledge for the public. Not that I'm a big fan of these shows but, they're not all that bad. And most of them portray the Filipino values and culture evident in our society, which we frequently dismiss. As for the educational part? I don't think everything on TV has to be informative. Sometimes, people just watch to have fun. De-stress and all. I, for one, am guilty of using the television mainly for entertainment purposes. I'm sure some of you guys feel the same, right?

I hope nobody from that group reads this. haha. Anyway, this was not meant to diss their idea or anything. As I said, I do agree with them. At some point. :)


online writer on May 24, 2009 at 1:47 AM said...

i mainly watch tv to catch the latest news.i also like getting interesting information,both old and new,like those from the discovery channel (my favorites are documentaries on ancient civilization).next to it is entertainment like watching american idol (w/c just ended anyway),some filipino soaps like zorro and totoy bato,as well as educational programs like "kakasa ka ba sa grade 5" and "who wants to be a millionaire?" i love watching sitcoms too. i believe there are people who don't care much about what they watch as long as they have fun and they kill away time when they're bored. but me,i choose my programs carefully especially because my daughter watches tv with me.=)

austenfan on May 24, 2009 at 11:22 AM said...

Hi online writer! Yep, we all use the television for different purposes. Wow, you're more of a GMA-7, huh? :) I usually tune in to ABS. haha. Anyway, I hope you didn't get offended by what I said. All I meant is, not 'everything' on TV has to be educational. :)

And thanks for the comment! :)

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