Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I've got it! Yeah baby, I've got it!

Posted by austenfan at 3/25/2009 10:21:00 PM

Yey! I've finally picked up my reserved Twilight DVD! It came with this HUGE poster of the cast. And I do mean huge. :) I was so so so so excited to tell everyone about it so I decided to drop by the TCP forum to see how the ravings (I'm sure of this) 'round there are going. What greeted me was totally unexpected, instead of excited fangirls squealing and gushing, complaints were raining all over. Apparently, the released DVD here in the Philippines have lots of missing special features. And no subtitles! Um, hello? I thought all original DVDs have subtitles?!

Hmm, maybe that's why they decided to include a free poster - to soothe the mobs of irate fans. Argh.

Since I'm too sleepy now, I'd watch it tomorrow and see what features exactly are missing. I really hope the posters are enough to make up for it. Hmmmm.


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