Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hep Hep, Hooray! LOL.

Posted by austenfan at 2/26/2009 12:45:00 AM
As promised. :)

Starting my college life was this big ball of mixed excitement and dread. I was eager to be in a completely different learning environment. To be part of an institution both prestigious and notorious at the same time. To interact with people of extreme personalities. To learn with a whole new set of classmates. Make new sets of friends. All of those things only comprise half of what I felt at that time. The other half was filled with all kinds of anxieties. Probably the most important one was, how do I fit in? Only 4 of us (from high school) went to study at UP plus, I have this huge shy-type complex which is sure to result to me having no new friends for who knows how long.

Looking back now, I realize how foolish I've been to have wasted my time worrying myself over such things. Thanks to my friends and everyone who's been a part of my college life, I'm continually improving to be the person I want to be - who is a far cry from who I was before I went to college. Among all, there are certain things that really made an impact on me. One of those who played an instrumental part in this chapter of my life is you - bilog-game-mate turned classmate turned friend turned roommate turned ex-roommate. :D I have so many things to be thankful of: you carrying my file box for me, taking pictures of my crush (who I once believed was my soul mate, i still feel sad about that one, but that's another topic altogether), putting up with me when I get mad easily for no reason at all (maybe I just have my period then, haha), not getting mad when you talk and I don't really listen completely, all the help with schoolwork, my 18th birthday surprise gift, all your as-corny-as-can-be jokes (which I always laugh at, I don't know why), and all the laughtrip moments (which I think mostly starts with one of us committing a mistake and the other one cruelly and unforgivably laughing at it. Mostly you're the one laughing! >:<)

Now that you're going to be a part of something else, changes are inevitable. You'll probably not get to have lunch with us anymore. Or play at Timezone with us (or even have time for it, I think. :D).Yeah, those things might happen but we'll work it out. I know having a social life comes pretty high on your priorities. heehee.

Anyway, this uber uber melodramatic entry ends here. I know there's only so much drama you can take. haha.



Leoj on February 26, 2009 at 9:19 PM said...

wow issa para sakin ba 'to?haha

thanks! LOL!

obvious naman kung para kanino 'to eh. congrats sa kanya! (haha. parang di nagkikita araw-araw)

may dose ba tayo bukas?

austenfan on February 27, 2009 at 7:27 AM said...

gawan din kita? haha. hmm, di ko sure kung may dose, pwedeng meron, pwedeng wala. lam mo naman un. hehe.

me said...

awww..i'm so touched. T_T

haha yun lang nasabi. salamat sa lahat. saka na ako magcocomment ng bonggang-bongga dahil kailangan ko na maligo. hehe.

waaaah thanks! x_x

bam said...

ayan makakapagcomment na me.
grabe issa may naitatago ka din palang kadramahan. haha. =P

anyway super thanks. nakakaiyak ung entry mo (pero lam mo namang di ako mabilis maiyak kaya di tlga ako naiyak. hehe). salamat tlga. kaya nga magcelebrate na tayo habang may oras pa. hehe. kasi naman diba...

"I know having a social life comes pretty high on your priorities."
^natawa talaga ako dito. medyo totoo kasi (medyo??) haha.

austenfan on February 28, 2009 at 12:07 AM said...

wow. first time mo ata ma-touched sa ginawa ko. haha.

bam said...

oi ndi naman to first time. ndi ka lang talaga naniniwala dati pag sinasabi kong natatouch ako. hahaha.

Ayang on March 1, 2009 at 7:01 PM said...

whooohoooh! go bam!

(syempre na-tats naman ako dito sa sinulat ni issa kahit di para sakin, hehehe)

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