Wednesday, February 18, 2009

constantly addicted

Posted by austenfan at 2/18/2009 09:15:00 AM
I'm the sort of person who easily gets addicted. To Books and TV Shows. (And I have absolutely no intention of testing if my addiction problems can branch out elsewhere.) I mean once I get into a book/show, I really get into it. When an ordinary person likes something, s/he normally says/thinks, 'Hmm. I really like this. It's my most favorite chorva na.' (haha) But me? Nuh-uh. I have to research everything about it, collect stuff related to it, talk about it all the time, put in on my computer desktop, phone wallpapers, and do all kinds of things I could think of.

Examples: (haha)

1. Ghost Fighter (or Yuyu Hakusho)
Probably my first addiction. (It's the one to blame!) I wasn't able to start this series on its pilot episode, I think Eugene was training under Jeremiah when I first watched it (of course, I remember! haha). Anyway, I got so in love with the show that almost everytime we came to the mall, I'd drag my parents to Comic Alley to buy stickers, fans, and those laminated pictures that cost 20 pesos each. I even bought a soundtrack (one of the many), from which I only know two songs, the one they used for the opening and ending credits. Plus, I collected teks! Then, I plastic-wrapped them. And put them in an album! (Yep, better believe it. :D) And (there's more?! haha) I have this cross stitched and framed image of Vincent in my room which I forced my mom to make. Up to now, it's still there, a remembrance of my first um, love. :)

2. Fushigi Yuugi
Same with Ghost Fighter. Went to Comic Alley for stickers, fans, and pictures. But, as I resented splurging on buying its soundtrack, I recorded all the music that I loved (even some of the super cheesy lines,, yuuuck, haha) from this show in a cassette player.

a lot more in between which I can't remember

3. Gossip Girl
Fedi recommended the book to me, so I bought a copy and read the first one. Afterwards, all I could think of was the money I wasted on the book. Then I saw the cast pictures on the net and was so intrigued that I youtube'd it. That was then followed by torrent downloads (even staying for 2 hours in a comp shop), picture grabbing, fanlistings-joining, etc. It's a good thing this addiction has passed since last year. :D

4. Twilight (did I ever)
All my friends must know how addicted I was to Twilight. Words can't even express how much of an addict I am. Just thinking about all the things I did for it induces a head spinning world whirling confusion. So maybe I'll leave that topic for another time. haha.

5. Blue Bloods
Caps recently (in truth, just last night) finished the Blue Bloods series which I kind of forced her to read. And she loved it! Haha. Finally, I have someone to rave my opinions and theories with! Just lately fell in love with this so still not certain of whatever addictive disorders I may develop. :)


bam said...

haha na-addict din ako sa ghost fighter pero si dennis yung crush ko (nung lalaki na sya, syempre).
anyway, pokemon ung kinolekta kong teks at nilagay ko din sa album. hahahaha. =P

austenfan on February 22, 2009 at 9:45 AM said...

may teks ang pokemon? baka naman trading cards un. hehe

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